Pelosi Goes Ballistic Over Refusal to Support Election Takeover and Filibuster Demise

Sheila Fitzgerald/
Sheila Fitzgerald/

If you didn’t already know it, the Democrats in Congress are trying their darndest to get rid of the age-old filibuster. This process allows the minority party to argue their points of opinion at length in an effort to delay or completely prevent a bill from being decided on. It takes a three-fifths (usually 60) vote to end the filibuster and pass any discussed measures. If done away with, any laws put to the vote would only require a simple majority vote, needing only 51 votes, rather than needing at least three-fifths or 60 votes to pass.

Now, to be clear, the Democratic party has been attempting to nix the filibuster for decades. And of course, it only seems to come up when they are in a place of power, as they are now. Quite naturally, the idea is that without the filibuster in place, it will be easier to get their agenda items pushed through without taking up much time or debate.

Currently, the measures the Democrats would love to put in place are related to voting laws and the processes that elect our state and national leaders.

First and foremost is the Freedom to Vote Act. According to Business Insider, the Freedom to Vote Act would do things like giving convicted felons the right to vote, as well as let universal mail-in ballots be used in all elections despite previous concerns about how much fraud that would allow.

The other measure being much discussed is the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would require states with a history of discrimination to ask for permission before changing their election laws or even being redistricted. This would essentially reverse the previous Supreme Court precedent.

Both measures have already passed through the House of Representatives.

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows all too well that the filibuster in the Senate is likely to be a major stumbling block for the proposed laws, if not a hurdle that cannot be crossed. And so she is calling on each and every senator to make sure the filibuster is nixed for good.

On Monday, she went into quite the tirade about it, expressing her frustration with those who have and still are opposing the vote to end the legislative process. She didn’t name names, of course, but she made sure to claim that they were doing nothing short of putting our democracy at risk, “suppressing the vote,” and “nullifying the elections.”

And, since this rant took place on the day we honor the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Pelosi made sure to bring him into the dramatics. According to her, if we really want to “honor Dr. King,” we have to get rid of this “congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy.”

Then, she went on to bring several other lates and greats into the discussion, claiming that all those who stand near MLK on Monument Mall have “tears in their eyes for the departure of our democracy.” Because according to her, making sure our elections are made secure and fair is the end of all that our founding fathers worked so hard for.

Beyond it being overly dramatic, the only problem with this statement is that everyone she mentioned, including Dr. King, would likely disagree with her on the current voting laws being proposed.

As well all know, King fought hard and even died for his beliefs that everyone should be given even voting rights. However, he wasn’t exactly a proponent for the federal government having full control of American elections. As his works prove, his fight was against real and not imagined injustices, as the left purports in today’s day.

Similarly, Thomas Jefferson was one of the biggest advocates for states’ rights in our national history. His influence on our Constitution ensured that the federal government wouldn’t be granted overreach in nearly any area.

And George Washington wasn’t much different in that aspect, although known to be not quite so vocal on the matter.

As for Abraham Lincoln, much of his career was spent advocating for states’ rights, even during the Civil War and the national call for slaves to be freed and given rights.

But, of course, Pelosi doesn’t want to think about those facts. Instead, she’s simply going to drop names in the hopes that it convinces a few more congressional members to end the filibuster and nationalize our elections.