One Obscure Bidenite Behind the Blue Curtain Has Been Destroying the Financial World…He’s Been Flushed Out


The name Rohit Chopra doesn’t roll off of many tongues, but it might start to, and it should. This obscure little man with an immense amount of power is the duly appointed director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Rumor has it he’s been strongarming financial institutions into bending to his questionable untethered demands, and the Chamber of Commerce is hot on the varments trail. 

Following some serious sniffing around, the Chamber treed Chopra for his sole attempts to “radically reshape” America’s entire financial system. Accustomed to working under the cover of darkness, as is indicative of the entire Biden administration, Chopra’s greasy beads of forehead sweat are suddenly glistening under a high-wattage spotlight.

Chopra is a staunch ally of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, go figure, and as such prefers to discreetly inflict his Socialist ideologies when no one’s looking. To hear him tell it he’s only trying to fix what he’s deemed to be major abuses and crookery in the financial industry. He’s coming to the rescue.

The director has gone to war against tech firms, banks, credit unions, and credit-reporting companies concerning fees and their usage of personal information. Chopra and his thugs rewrote the guidelines concerning lending discrimination to where they even include exceptions where the fair lending law doesn’t, and never has, applied. The Chamber is shouting “unlawful” on this move.

Executive VP at the Chamber, Neil Bradley, said in no uncertain terms, “Chopra is laying the groundwork to force the financial services sector to comport with his personal vision of the appropriate size of companies and what products and services should be offered and under what conditions.” Chopra’s a Bernie Sanders wannabe. 

Bradley wasn’t finished. “No previous CFPB Director has thought they had such power. Rohit Chopra’s radical agenda and reckless actions will only hurt consumers, businesses, and our economy, and he needs to be held accountable.”

Get ready to see a full-blown public ad campaign by the Chamber to flush Chopra out. Bradley said the campaign will target “policymakers and influencers,” but it’ll also give everyday Joes and Janes a glimpse of what’s happening behind the blue curtain. 

“Our goal is to really draw attention in Washington — I think one of our big concerns is that there are really major changes just kind of happening without much attention.” Bradley continued. “We think there does need to be greater congressional oversight, and that may be more likely after election season but we think it should be a priority.”

One of Chopra’s weenies said it’s nothing but a scare tactic to get his boss to ease up on doing what’s right. “Scare tactics orchestrated by lobbyists for Big Tech and Wall Street won’t deter the work of the CFPB to enforce the law.” 

“We remain focused on ensuring fair, transparent, and competitive markets for American consumers and honest businesses who play by the rules,” the weenie added.

With bonfires raging throughout the financial world and the Fed raising rates, the Chamber is only eliminating part of the overall scheme by nailing Chopra, but it’s a great place to start.

So while Joe naps and Harris doesn’t do whatever it is she never does, hats off to the Chamber of Commerce for trying to pull in the reigns that the two of them have never had the slightest grip on.