NY Senate Passes Bill Banning Lyrics from Being Used as Evidence


If you know much about crime rates in New York, you’ll see that they have been rising for a while now. And since the summer of 2020, when groups like Black Lives Matter made it acceptable to commit a crime in the name of being “anti-racist,” or whatever they want to call it, those rates have gotten even worse.

Of course, it doesn’t help that government leaders have gone extremely soft in the Democratically run state when it comes to crime in general.

To prove just how soft they have gotten, I give you S7527, a recently passed New York Senate bill, on Tuesday with a vote of 38-23. This bill essentially bans prosecutors from using rap song lyrics as evidence of a supposed crime during trials and in the court of law.

According to the bill, it “limits the admissibility of evidence of a defendant’s creative or artistic expression against such defendant in a criminal proceeding.”

So if a rapper sings about shooting a cop in cold blood and even gives details about the case few others would know, those lyrics cannot be used against the rapper in the case that they are actually tried for murder, or any crime, for that matter.

Supposedly, the idea is to “protect freedom of speech and artistic expression” in the state. Additionally, the bill ensures that criminal defendants are tried based on actual evidence of their crimes and not “the provocative nature of their artistic works and tastes.”

Now, to be clear, on some level, an artist should have the freedom to express themselves as they see fit, whether it’s in a painting or music. Furthermore, I agree that no one should be judged based on their “artistic works and tastes” alone.

However, I think most of us would say some lines just shouldn’t be crossed. And boasting about killing a cop in a song, whether you actually did it or not, is one of those. For starters, it just makes you look guilty as hell.

However, the Senate Dems of New York apparently disagree.

Of course, quite a few high-profile rappers pushed for this law to be passed. According to Rolling Stone, those include names like Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Killer Mike, Yo Gotti, Fat Joe, and Big Sean, to name a few.

And you can be sure that no small number of liberal leftists jumped on this bandwagon as well.

The bill comes after years of various rappers having been brought before a judge and jury for crimes like murder, manslaughter, and assault after seemingly boasting about it in a song.

Take McKinely Phipps, who was convicted of manslaughter after prosecutors used verses from his hit song, “Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill,” during his trial. Allegedly he killed a concertgoer.

In 2013, Jamal Know, better known as Mayhem Mal, was tried and convicted of witness intimidation after writing a song threatening the police shortly after being arrested during a traffic stop for allegedly having 15 bags of heroin in his vehicle.

Prosecutors presented his 2012 rap song, “F*** the Police,” as evidence in his trial. The song includes racist slurs like “cracker,” phrases like “kill the cops,” and “f*** the police,” as well as the use of the arresting officer’s actual name.

And just this year, in January, a rapper was similarly arrested for shooting and killing a cop who had a song about doing so.

Now, I’m not saying that these individuals did any killing. But I have to admit, it doesn’t look good for someone to have written a song about it and be proud of it, especially when they have some personal connection to the actual crime.

Furthermore, these incendiary lyrics do nothing but glorify evil, hate, and division. You know, the same kinds of things that the political left says Donald Trump does every time he opens his mouth. He was tried and literally impeached by the House for telling Americans to use their “voice.”

But when these rappers detail a murder that actually happened, it’s to be ignored…

I mean, can you imagine what the outcome would be if these lyrics used the phrase, ‘kill Black Lives Matter” instead? There would be outrage in the streets. But apparently, talking about killing cops, “blastin” them away, and taking revenge for having “started beef” is all fine and good.