New Video of Fetterman Proves He’s Not Fit for Office

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You would think that in the month since Democratic Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has been released from the hospital, his health and mental state would have only improved. But according to yet another video of the man, the opposite seems to be true.

You likely know that Fetterman’s health has been an issue for his political career from the get-go. I mean, he literally had a stroke while on the campaign trail last year. Since then, he’s supposedly recovered, only to be admitted for two months at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, where he was diagnosed with clinical depression.

But last month, he was released from Walter Reed with reports that he was doing just fine and recovering well. Shortly after that, he returned to work at Capitol Hill.

But it’s been clear that everything is not fine.

On Tuesday, Fetterman attended a hearing for the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. Being discussed was the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. Like all other Committee members, Fetterman was expected to ask some questions about the bank’s now disgraced CEO.

But it seems he couldn’t even manage that.

When it came to his turn, Fetterman immediately began incoherently rambling. Additionally, the parts that could be made out were so disconnected from one another that by the time a question was finally asked, the former banker had no idea what Fetterman was asking of him.

Naturally, the performance has even more people questioning his physical and mental health. Of course, it also has many wondering why the Democratic Party would even allow such an unfit man to continue doing a job he clearly can’t do.

Wouldn’t they be better served by someone who can actually finish a sentence and one that made sense?

Instead, they’ve created an embarrassment, both to the party as a whole and to Fetterman.

No wonder there are fewer Democrats by the day.