Nancy Pelosi Shows How Ignorant She Regarding Her Own Faith

Alexandros Michailidis/

Nancy Pelosi claims that she is an excellent Catholic and believes it is acceptable to murder an unborn child. The raunchy Democrat has placed her politics above her faith. She was a liberal long before she is a Catholic. Her goal is to win over the religious voters to her corner.

Her goal is to appear religious enough to attract voters. She does not care about what she calls herself just as long as she gets to be in charge.

Pelosi is the type of person that loves to dig into her past to show her heritage. She loves to mix her past and Italian heritage with her political ideology. As a liberal, she needs to appear religious to avoid losing voters and alienating herself enough to be classified as a progressive.

Pelosi has learned that using her faith as a tool enables her to support abortion. And by twisting her faith into a tool, she can convince religious people that killing an unborn child is consistent and pleasing with the Catholic faith.

The Catholic Church has something else to say about what she is claiming. RedState found out and reported that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone had some actions that he was going to take against his wayward sheep.

RedState reported that “San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone had had enough. On Friday, he informed Pelosi that because of her open rebellion against the law of the Church that she would no longer be permitted to receive the Eucharist, also known as Communion. This disciplinary action was not about abortion; it is about what we Catholics call scandal. Scandal occurs when you encourage another to commit a mortal sin by your words or actions. In Pelosi’s case, her fluffing for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry while proclaiming to be a ‘devout’ Catholic could cause a person to believe that getting an abortion or encouraging another to get an abortion was permissible.”

Pelosi knows how to lie and make it sound truthful. She wants people to think that killing a baby is acceptable to the Catholic Church.

The liberal Speaker of the House has recently tried to twist her beliefs to encourage people to commit abortions. She mentioned that contraception and in vitro fertilization were acceptable for Catholics to participate. But the truth is that the Church bans both.

In a way, the old Democrat was trying to speak with authority on behalf of the Catholic Church. Her words twisted what the Church holds as truth. She has essentially branded herself as a false teacher to her proclaimed faith.

Pelosi made claims about her faith which revealed that she does not understand what the Catholic Church teaches on any given subject. She may claim to be a practicing Catholic, but her way of life contradicts her faith and proclaims that she holds a twisted version of the Catholic faith.

The old girl and her lust for power have warped her mind into thinking she has all the answers. But the truth comes down to her desire to attract voters to her side. She knows that the Democrats are struggling to reach the American voter, so she is willing to make any claim even if it violates the sacred truth of her so-called faith.

RedState made mentioned that Pelosi is nothing more than a part-time Catholic. She only shows up when her sins overflow or is about to make another statement to attract voters. And given that the midterm elections are growing ever closer, she needs all the help she can get.

RedState also mentioned that “Her Catholicism is at most a cultural artifact and, at its worst, a grift. Her support of abortion and the blasphemy that is the LGBTQ-whatever-whatever agenda shows that she sees religion as a political shield from criticism. After all these years, she has been called out on her deceit, and she is dumbfounded.”

Pelosi never thought that her religious leader would strike back. But he would not be a good Catholic if he silently approved of her blasphemy by not taking any action against her.