Move to Iran…Bette Midler’s Demand to MAGA Women

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It was one thing when Democrats complained about Donald Trump and threatened that they were going to move to Canada if he were to be elected. Do what you want to do. If you don’t want to be in a country where Trump is the leader, that is absolutely your prerogative.

It’s not as simple, now. Bette Midler, who has become one of the more outspoken, far-left celebrities to make political statements, is telling MAGA-supporting women to move to Iran.

Excuse me?

On Twitter (which most Democrats wouldn’t even dare be caught on now that it’s being run by Elon Musk), Midler posted a graphic in all caps, using three colors on a black background. “HEY MAGA WOMEN, IF YOU WANT A COUNTRY RUN BY MEN AND RELIGION, MOVE TO IRAN.”

Hmm, there are so many things to say here.

First of all, how many cities and states have female leadership? Quite a few. Our VP is even a female. So, right now, we definitely have a country run by quite a few women – and MAGA women are proud of that.

Second of all, MAGA is not a bad acronym. It’s as if Democrats forgot that it means “Make America Great Again.” Should anyone apologize for wanting to make that happen?

Finally, there is nothing wrong with wanting a country to be run by religion. It is what our entire country is based on. Our founding fathers were unapologetically Christian. They were God-fearing men who believed that it was necessary to include religion into the way the country was run so that we didn’t have to experience a lack of morality.

If Midler doesn’t think that she’s currently in a country run by religion, she may want to look at one of the dollar bills in her wallet or explore the lines of the national anthem or pledge of allegiance. She may even want to look at what book people put their hand on when they’re sworn into office.

As religion fades away from the way the country is run, we have a lack of morals. We have people changing their gender based on the day, higher crime, drug use, and countless other problems.

Perhaps if Midler doesn’t want to live in a country run by religion SHE should move.

Those on the left hardly ever use logic or facts to make their statements. Instead, they focus on emotions – and that’s clearly what Midler has done.

Don’t worry, though. She was appropriately attacked on Twitter for her bold and condescending comment. @Thewriterme tweeted back a reply to say “Hi Bette! I want a country that lives by its constitution. I want a country run by a man or woman with a functioning brain. I want a country where all lives matter, including female babies, and a place where eugenics is not the trend. I want a country I can afford to live in safely!”

Well said – and I think it’s safe to say that we all agree with this sentiment.

And as many pointed out, wasn’t Midler the one who was supposed to move to Canada? We would have been a lot better off if those on the left had followed through on their threats.

One Iranian woman even tweeted out to the liberal actress, putting her in her place once and for all. “As an Iranian woman, I’d appreciate it if you stopped using us to prove a point. We’re literally fighting for our lives here trying to liberate ourselves while you think it’s okay to use us as a gotcha moment. That’s not very feminist of you.”

Isn’t it time we cancel Midler and all of the other celebrities that want to make demands of us just because we want a Christian-based country that doesn’t allow an insane man to sit at the helm?