Mike Pence Is a Praised Hero and His Supporters Demand He Run for President in 2024

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Former Vice President Mike Pence is actively involved in promoting various candidates up for election. He is also busy exposing the lies behind the Democrat’s plan. His actions have earned him the respect of the Republican Party. He is a man that believes America is great for a reason and wants to continue fighting for freedom and prosperity for everyone.

Pence’s work behind the scenes brought several key conservative politicians together to praise him for his work. The meeting of the minds also revealed that they are hoping he would consider running for president in 2024.

The job Pence did on January 6 was unpopular. He was tasked with a demanding job that would define politics for years. He could have invalidated the 2020 election results or certified them. His constitutional duty demanded that he make a decision. And he decided to uphold his position and certify the results.

Chip Roy serving the people in Texas, was grateful that Pence defended freedom and upheld the Constitution. His actions on January 6 earned him the respect of his contemporaries. Newsbreak reported that Roy said, “I just want to say thank you for defending our Constitution. I’m happy to shout it from Mar-A-Lago to Bedminster. But I just want you to know how grateful we are.”

There were a lot of mixed emotions when the time came to certify the results. The Democrats were scared they would be discovered for the lies and irregular methods they used during voting. And Republicans were highly suspicious of the way that certain vital states mysteriously stopped counting votes during the night hours. And yet, by morning Joe Biden had taken a slight lead in every vital state.

Roy’s statements regarding Mike Pence erupted the room with support and praise. Pence was meeting with the Republican Study Committee at the time of the speech.

The former vice president had a lot to deal with on January 6. He was under a lot of stress and pressure from everyone around him to reject the count in critical states. On one side of the aisle, he had the liberals pressuring him to certify the results without delay. And on the other side, he had former President Donald Trump fighting the election results in court because of the suspicious nature of how things were handled.

Pence realized that his duty was to certify the results and not make a fight out of the process. Congress would have to act if there was to stop the process. But only a handful of lawmakers were willing to stand up and challenge the results.

And those that did make the challenge were later targeted by ruthless Democrats and branded as traitors. But they were only doing their duty to represent the people that questioned the results. They, too, were doing their constitutional duty to make things fair and honest. The Democrats were the ones that were acting strange as they wanted to finish the process as quickly as possible.

Newsbreak reported, “This marked Pence’s first trip to the Capitol since he left office in 2021. The former vice president’s appearance comes as speculation swirls over his possible 2024 presidential bid.”

Pence is a man that does not attract attention to himself. He has the praise and support of those that he once worked with. But he is interested in helping like-minded conservatives get elected for the next election cycle. His plans for the upcoming presidential election are not being revealed because there are more urgent matters he is working on now.

The nasty Democrats tried to pit Mike Pence and Donald Trump against each other. They thought that driving a wedge between them could fracture their competition. But both men were fighting for the country’s integrity and not their political careers.

The former president and vice president may not work closely together, but it does not mean they are fighting for a different America. Both men realize that the liberals are destroying America, and they both want to put a stop to their efforts.