Midterm Election Woes Force Biden to Admit Trump Was Right About Building a Wall

Former President Donald Trump had the right idea about dealing with the southern border. He enacted several policies through an executive order that stemmed the tide of illegals trying to cross into America. He established a plan to increase security by building a wall that was impossible to breach using conventional methods.

Trump’s plan gave time for Congress to figure out a way to change immigration laws to enhance security at the border on a long-term plan. But the Democrats failed and refused to work with Republicans to make it happen.

And now the liberals have to swallow their pride and admit by action that Donald Trump was right all along.

Joe Biden silently approved a project to build Donald Trump’s wall in southern California. The president will never admit that the wall was a great idea because he would have to eat his words by admitting such a fact. And that is something he cannot afford to happen so close to the midterm elections.

Biden cannot fathom having to rebuild the barricade he wants to remove so he can open up the southern border. His approval to replace the old sections of the previous barricade replaces it with a 30-foot wall that will keep illegals out. But whether he likes it or not, the country needs the barricades for security.

Representatives from the Friends of Friendship Park revealed that the 30-foot wall would be placed between a section of the border where San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico come together. The border section in question allows the two nations to touch each other. A person can literally reach into the other country and grab someone standing on the other side.

Biden’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas. He reluctantly gave his approval of the plans. The designs and schematics are the same as those that Trump approved in 2018, as reported by Newsmax. The current border fencing has deteriorated so that it must be replaced.

One part of the project that Biden and Mayorkas do not want people to know is that the new sections will extend what Donald Trump started building along the border. The old man has had to eat his words and do the unthinkable by adding to the very project he vehemently opposed.

The new wall will not have any access points to America.

Newsmax reported that a Friendship Park advocate said, “This latest announcement really amounts to the complete desecration of this historic location. We believe the Biden administration should not be putting the finishing touches on Donald Trump’s border wall at Friendship Park.”

The section of fencing being replaced had once allowed access between both nations. But recent events have forced the closing down of the access points. People in the region once thought access points would open again, but the new wall removed those expectations. The new fencing is securing the border and forcing Joe Biden to admit through action that he was wrong.

The new project is not the first time Biden has had to build the wall along the border.

Newsmax revealed that “Although Biden took office and immediately signed an executive order halting all border wall construction, his administration has approved projects at multiple locations along the border, the Daily Mail said. The administration insists the construction is to ‘replace’ existing walls, despite using Trump-era designs.”

Biden is going through great pains to keep people from knowing that he had to build sections of the wall once destined to receive the 30-foot wall sections designed by Donald Trump. Biden wants people to believe he is not adding to what Trump started. But the truth is that he is adding on and expanding what Trump sought to do.

Biden does not want people to know that he must keep building Trump’s wall. He has failed yet again to rid himself of Trump’s influence over his tenure in the White House.

The former president left a lasting presence that set a new standard that every new president will have to meet to measure up to what the people expect from their president.