Mainstream Media Covers Up Terrorist Link of Man with Explosives at FL Rally

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January 6th came and went with minimal gatherings and disruptions. The circus of theatrics the left turned this date into to commemorate the insurrection was a poor attempt to make it seem like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor all over again. The mainstream media did find one interesting story for the day though. Naturally, Florida Man has to be a part of this.

While 85 or so people came out to protest the political imprisonment of Jeremy Brown, a strange man clad in all black was seen running away from the protest with a black backpack over his shoulder. Law enforcement gave chase and detained 22-year-old Garrett Smith. Inside the backpack was a treasure trove of items.

While the all-black clothing would be considered normal for something like this, the inclusion of a pipe bomb, shopping list, plans, and multiple other incendiary devices, gave all the hallmarks of planned physical violence. What the mainstream media is conveniently leaving out is his possession of a helmet emblazoned with the “iron front” design on it and a “Direct Action Checklist”; both items commonly associated with Antifa.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri spoke extensively on the arrest. “Smith refused to give any information, he refused to talk to deputies, so we really have no idea as to what his political leanings are and whether he supported or opposed the protesters at the jail. We also don’t know exactly what his plan was or why Smith was running away from the protest area when he was apprehended by deputies and before he had an opportunity to detonate the explosive device… Smith has no criminal history, no social media accounts that we can find, and there’s no prior intelligence information about Smith. Smith is what we call a sleeper, and these are the most concerning individuals because there’s no opportunity to intervene and thwart their criminal activity until they actually act.”

According to his family, Smith had been in Portland and had returned somewhat recently. It isn’t a gigantic leap to figure out why he had been there, nor is it all that difficult to figure out why he was at the protest. Yet the Florida law enforcement refuses to directly say he has aligned himself with Antifa, nor has the mainstream media been willing to connect the dots or even ask directly. Their ability to dance around the subject is nothing less than astonishing.

Given the history of law enforcement in Florida to directly point out ties to organized street gangs, being a member of a 1% motorcycle club, or other organizations that have less than noble intentions, it is peculiar that they have left out the word “Antifa”. However, with the way their group tends to show up out of nowhere and assemble when they hear their name mentioned, perhaps it was done to keep the quiet beach community of Clearwater as quiet as it has been.

Whatever the reason, the media of all organizations need to clean up their act. As journalists, they must investigate the stories. To provide their viewers and readers with the whole truth. To look at things from multiple angles and to expose what is wrong with the situation. By omitting to do this in this case, they are sending a clear message that since Antifa has aligned themselves with the liberal left, they are willing to gloss over their association when it paints them in a negative light, for as long as they can.