Liberals Getting the KJV Removed from School Libraries in Utah

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A law that was designed to help Utah parents keep vulgar and pornographic gay materials out of school libraries is being abused by anti-Christian liberal bigots. Davis County, Utah, which includes several of the suburbs to the north of Salt Lake City, is being forced by misuse of the law to remove the King James (KJV) Bible from school libraries.

The law was passed in 2022, and it allows parents to remove any books in school libraries for vulgarity, porn, and violence. As of March, 33 books have been removed from library shelves that fit those categories—all of which basically fall into the gay/trans porn category. But some Christian-hating bigot then challenged the Bible.

The complaint alleges that the Bible contains 49 pages that include murder, vulgarity, and incest. A school district committee reviewed the complaint. While they admit that nothing in the Bible is a violation of the state law, they decided that the pages in question were “age-inappropriate” for some readers. As a result, they have pulled the Bible from the shelves in eight elementary and junior high libraries. The Bible is still allowed in high school libraries in Davis County—for now.

Some parents have already filed an appeal on the ruling because they understand that the Bible should be allowed for all ages. A committee made up of three members from the Davis School District Board of Education will hear the appeal soon, and then the full board will take a final vote on it this summer. School is currently out for the year in Davis County and does not resume until August 17th.

The issue is far from settled, however. If the Bible is reviewed and found to be in violation of the law, it will have to be removed from all public schools in Utah. It’s unlikely, however, that the very Christian/Mormon legislature in Utah will allow the law to remain in place unamended if that happens.