Liberal Teachers Caught Voicing Their Hatred of Students under Their Care

Drazen Zigic/

There is no end to the terrors and the hurt that liberal teachers are lobbying towards their students. The pandemic revealed just how much the teachers in liberal-run states hated working with the youth. The teachers and their beloved unions refused to return to the classrooms until their sadistic demands were met. They essentially held all the students hostage and used them as bargaining chips.

The most recent attack on students took place in Rochester, New York, where several public-school teachers texted back and forth their hatred of specific students. The teachers were all associated with the Enrico Fermi School 17, primarily Black and Hispanic kids. The age range of the students ranges from toddler through eighth grade.

CBS reported that the Democrats and Chronicle pointed out the school’s rich diversity. Lesli Myers-Small is the Rochester City School District Superintendent. When she heard of the comments, she was horrified. She stated, “I am horrified at the racist and demeaning references and language used to describe children … our children! The staff members have been put on leave, and the District will use all forms of available discipline up to and including termination.”

The racist treatment that comes from the Democratic Party is horrifying. They are the ones that keep pushing the concept of racism on the youth, so they grow up thinking that people of a different colored skin hate them. But the truth is that most Americans have already let the racist attitude go and interact with each other without trouble consistently.

Teachers are supposed to care for the kids like their own while in school. Rochester First revealed that Abby Bardanis, Jorge Degro, Samantha DiNoto, Derek Kelly, and Alicia Renner were the ones that said how much they hate sure students.

Myers-Small stated that “The event happened and that is concerning to me. There’s a difference between saying things you shouldn’t and humiliating a student. The images of the words I read were humiliating. As more information becomes available, and we look at the evidence, we will move forward, but it’s concerning anytime, whenever someone does something to demean and humiliate a young person.”

The youth of America has already been through terrible times. For many of the kids, the new school year was the first time that they could return to the classroom and have the chance to interact with their friends. They should not have to endure the attacks lobbed at them by liberals who view them as trash instead of people.

The hurt that some students have to endure spans generations. The superintendent noted that when she was in fourth grade, she was told by a teacher that she would never amount to anything because she struggled with math.

Jennifer Lopez is the parent of one of the kids mentioned in the text. She has to help her child deal with the betrayal from the very people that her daughter looked up to as teachers.

Rochester First reported that anonymous sources from within the school reported that the students are rough on the teachers. They took to defending the comments as the only way that they could release the anger that they must endure from students.

People can always try and excuse away their behavior. But the truth is that the Democrats have removed the ability of teachers to discipline in school. They have also removed everything that once made school fun for the students. So, no one ever wants to apply themselves to learning. The liberals have turned the school system into a place where survival of the fittest is worked out every day.

The teachers are going to be disciplined for their comments. But until the Democrats are removed from controlling the educational system in America, things will continue to worsen for students and teachers alike. The liberals want an environment where the absence of morality exists. They can do whatever they want to the students and get away with it.