Kari Lake is Booted from Town Hall Before Debate Even Begins

lev radin/shutterstock.com

With the much-anticipated Midterms being a mere week away, it’s no surprise that debate after last-minute debate is taking place in states all across the nation and for all kinds of positions. However, there is a startling lack in Arizona’s race for the Governor’s mansion.

Why? Well, current Grand Canyon State secretary of state Katie Hobbs has refused to do so thus far.

If you didn’t already know, Hobbs is running against the fiery Kari Lake, a former television news anchor and a proud endorsee of former President Donald Trump. But it seems Hobbs is too afraid of Lake to debate her in public. Or at least that’s what most people are beginning to assume, based on her lack of willingness to even be put in the same room as Lake.

According to a recent Friday interview with Hobbs, a debate with Lake would only be a “spectacle,” which the former House representative has no interest in creating.

However, Hobbs’ history would prove otherwise.

Remember when she began a sexual affair with not one but two of her house staffers, one being a male and the other a female?

Or what about just earlier this month when she had Lake kicked out of a so-called debate before Hobbs even entered the stage?

I say ‘so-called’ debate because the two were not actually debating one another or really anyone. Instead, each was given separate stage time, during which they would be interviewed by moderator and Univision News anchor Leon Krauze, according to NBC News.

The outlet noted that specific rules must be adhered to, per Hobbs.

First, as I mentioned, the pair were not allowed to be on the stage simultaneously. Secondly, while one was being interviewed, the other was apparently supposed to be placed in a “holding room.”

However, when Hobbs came out of her room to enter the stage, she noticed that Lake was not in her holding room. Instead, she was seated in the front row of the audience, in what would have been Hobbs’ direct line of sight.

As a result, Hobbs refused to take the stage at all and furthermore demanded that Lake physically remove herself from not only the room but forego the “debate” entirely.

NBC reported that Lake responded that she was unaware of the rule but that it shouldn’t even matter. Additionally, she noted that Hobbs, if she were any kind of a good-intentioned politician, should “come out and debate her.”

But Hobbs still refused. And so, after waiting several more minutes, Lake consented and left the building. Her surrogate, Mexican telenovela star Eduardo Verastegui remained behind to interview in Lake’s stead.

According to Hobbs, this was a “spectacle” created solely by Lake. Never mind that her refusal and demand that Lake be removed only made things even more of one.

Naturally, it has no small amount of people wondering what Hobbs is so afraid of. Why would she be so terrified of going toe to toe with Lake? Could it be that she knows Lake will effectively and in likely little time at all put her in her place and destroy her? Could it be that the public will find out just how unfit for office she really is?

Well, I hate to break it to you, Hobbs, but that is the whole point of running for office in the first place and having debates. It gives the people you might one day be leading and serving the opportunity to see you in action, how you respond under pressure, and what you will do under tough circumstances.

It’s no different than going in for a job interview. Employers want to know what you are all about.

Hobbs is essentially robbing the Arizona people of that opportunity by refusing to show up.

And the polls are starting to show it.

According to most polls taken over the summer, Hobbs was slightly ahead of Lake before debates were expected. But now, after her refusal to even be seen in the same room as Lake, the latter is ahead, if by a mere 0.7 points, according to RealClearPolitics.

However, it’s enough of a lead that RCP is now predicting Lake to win. And all because Hobbs is too afraid to face Lake head-on. After all, if she is too concerned about something as simple as a debate, how can we expect her not to run for the hills when problems arise in the Governor’s mansion?