Judge Jeanine Blasts Soft-on-Crime Psaki


If you didn’t know, Judge Jeanine Pirro has always been a bit spirited. It is one of the characteristics that have, in fact, made her so good at her profession, even if she tends to go against the grain and ruffle some feathers.

And this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki learned just how fiery she could be, as well as patriotic.

It all started last week when Psaki decided to take aim at the Fox News network and, more specifically, Judge Jeanine in a discussion on how different mainstream media outlets cover the news. She must have thought Pirro would just sit back quietly and take the criticism laying down…

Psaki was speaking to fellow Obama-era alumni and host of “Pod Save America” Jon Favreau at the media and the differences in networks that she noticed. As Psaki spoke, she explained that she was looking at a TV setup split between four major news outlets, all broadcasting simultaneously. For those in her line of work or even those in Washington, D.C, the setup is quite typical.

At the time, Psaki said she saw that CNN was doing a bit about ‘troops on heightened alert,’ which Psaki noted as being “true.” MSNBC was covering the same information, as well as a piece about the stock market.

Then she began talking about Fox, on which Judge Jeanine was speaking about ‘soft-on-crime consequences.’ Apparently, she didn’t approve of this, thinking it was far too different from anyone else’s coverage and showing what she called an “alternate universe.”

In addition, she actually laughed out loud at the supposedly ridiculous coverage and asked, rather rhetorically, “What does that even mean, right?”

Apparently, Psaki believes that Fox isn’t connecting with its viewers or America, constantly reporting on things that don’t really matter. She also thinks it’s rather “scary” that some people actually tune in to watch coverage like Pirro’s, which isn’t afraid to criticize our current national leaders when they mess up or make decisions that aren’t good for Americans.

Psaki must have either thought that no one would dare to call her out on this or that Pirro wouldn’t actually have an argument for this.

Neither was a correct assumption.

Just days later, on Fox News’s “The Five,” of which Judge Jeanine is an integral part, that argument was given. Well, in all actuality, it was much more of a schooling, as it really left no room for Psaki to say a word about just how wrong she is.

When asked about the situation on the show, Pirro didn’t hesitate to explain to Psaki and the world just why she was speaking about “soft-on-crime consequences” and why they did, in fact, matter to the people of the United States.

She said, “I’m talking about the consequences of the Democrat/liberal/progressive/leftist soft-on-crime, criminal-loving, victim-hating group that has made a decision that no bail, no jail, and that criminals should be privileged and that social justice and rogue prosecutors should not be a part of the criminal justice system.”

She then asked if Psaki herself really didn’t understand what Americans care about. Pirro further explained that just about anybody in their right mind is concerned that innocent people are being killed on the streets, that robberies are taking place every day, that people are being hurt, for doing nothing more than simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She went on to explain that since 2019 homicide has risen some 44 percent on average in American cities.

According to Pirro, no one is to blame for this as much as those on the political left like Psaki. Instead of punishing crime, they have chosen to see the criminals engaging in these heinous acts as those deserving of privilege. They don’t require bail, don’t send them to jail, and make it so that prosecuting crime is a major chore.

Yet, they wonder why crime rates keep going up.

These are matters that the American public is interested in that they are concerned about and to say that they aren’t is proof that it is those like Psaki and Biden who live in “an ivory tower,” as Pirro calls it. They aren’t seeing the damage and haven’t for several years now. In fact, during the height of the BLM riots that destroyed entire blocks of cities, Biden pretty much ignored it. That is until recently when he became aware that he was going to have to fix some of these issues if his party is going to keep their slim on power in an election year.

As Pirro told Psaki, the best thing she and her “ilk” could do right now is take a “temperature of what Americans care about and talk about it.” Perhaps then, she’d realize that Fox is one of the few to report actual news.