Joe Manchin’s Time of Reckoning Is Coming in 2024…but the GOP Isn’t Waiting Until Then

Katherine Welles/

Sen. Joe Manchin wants what he wants. The West Virginia Democrat found favor among the GOP with his bipartisan stance against Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan, a move that drew criticism from his own party. Now one has to wonder if Manchin’s resistance to the bill was a ploy to gain the trust of the same Republican’s.who he just blindsided by handing his fellow Dems a solid gold victory.

Manchin has fallen from GOP grace by agreeing to pass a 100% Democrat-concocted energy, tax, and health care law that’s received strong opposition from them. His vote will give the Dems their long-awaited win, and boy is it a fully-garnished whopper. 

The bill will levy a minimum tax on corporations to prevent the over-usage of shady yet legal tax breaks. That part of it’s not so bad, but wait…

It will also take $369 billion out of taxpayers’ wallets to put towards battling climate change and alternate energy research. Some of the money will go towards ‘trying’ to lower prescription drug costs, and the rest will be used to keep Obamacare up and going. 

Manchin touted the bill like an overly-enthusiastic greenhorn Jehova’s Witness as Republican doors kept slamming in his face. He’s linked arms with some of the most notorious Democrat leaders in D.C. in complete and total solidarity. 

Joseph NMN Manchin III, 74, has mistakenly forgotten where he hails from. The Mountaineer state is blindingly red and they’ll be a not-so-uncommon public lynching come 2024.

Oddly, Manchin has remained in office since 2010, but this is only because he’s always been viewed as an ultra-conservative Democrat who thinks more like a Republican, but above all else, it’s because coal dust pumps strongly through his veins.

Members of the GOP who’ve treated Manchin with the respect of an ally, are already planning on letting West Virginians know what’s up with their golden boy. 

The senator’s shoes are gonna be stepping in more than dirt along his campaign trail. If you live in the state you’d be well advised to clamp a clothespin on your snout. It’s gonna be rank. 

GOP Senate leader John Barrasso of Wyoming laid out the anti-Manchin strategy. “His party’s very unpopular in the state of West Virginia and what he’s doing now is very unpopular as well. We’re going to be focused on that seat in 2024. We’ll see what comes to fruition of what promises might have been made to Joe Manchin in order to agree to this.”

It should be noted that Barrasso also serves as the top Republican on the Energy Committee under Manchin’s direction. He’s in a position to know that ‘sumpin’ ain’t right.’ This entire thing is walking like a duck… 

On the other hand, Democrats see this as a win for Manchin in his home state. A portion of the bill goes towards reviving the black lung disability trust fund that provides extended health benefits for coal minors who’ve had their breath taken away. 

The bill also supports new projects for fossil fuel and green energy, but Barrasso called it “a lot of pie in the sky that Democrats are not going to support in the end.”

Manchin’s office said the bill will also provide the money his state needs for carbon-capture energy projects, and for completing the $4 billion Mountain Valley gas pipeline that’ll benefit coal communities.

The GOP is already eyeing who it’s going to throw its support behind in WV in 2024. It’s their aim to pull a Paul Harvey by making West Virginians aware of the “rest side of the story” they aren’t being told. This includes Manchins willingness to send the national economy into a further and quite possibly unrecoverable tailspin by acting fiscally reckless and irresponsible. 

WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey could serve the knockout punch to Manchin in 2024 after narrowly losing to him in 2018. “After holding the line against some of the terrible bills being pushed by President Biden and the left, Joe Manchin just changed course and let the dam break wide open,” he said. “I respectfully ask Senator Manchin to change his position and vote no.”

Will Manchin survive the political assault? Either way, he’s gonna need lots of showers with the sewage the GOP is about to dump on him. You might want to avoid WV for a while. ‘Them’ folks don’t play when they get irritated.