Jill Biden Should Expect Heckling Everywhere She Goes

mark reinstein/shutterstock.com

Jill Biden may be a doctor, but it’s of education. That means that she should be smart enough to see what’s going on. Her husband is failing at the job as president, and the country is angry because of his executive orders.

Any time people see the First Lady, they’re speaking their minds. And the heckling seems to be getting worse. Again, with Biden’s approval rating, it’s not all that surprising.

What’s funny is that people are coming out of the woodwork to heckle the First Lady. Even an ice cream shop is fair game.

Your husband is the worst President we ever had, you owe us gas money,” is what one man yelled to Jill while she was walking into the Arethusa Farms ice cream shop in Connecticut.

And more and more people are in agreement that it’s time to start speaking up. As one commenter on Fox News said, “It’s about time we started getting vocal to let the Bobblehead administration know we are fed up.” This commenter even went as far as suggesting that we start to protest in front of the homes of AOC, Schumer, and Pelosi.

He might have a point. If the Democrats can do it to the Supreme Court justices, maybe the GOP needs to start returning the favor.

Jill doesn’t even know how to handle the heckling. She smiled and said “Thank you! Thank you for your support!”

How in the world is that a way to handle hearing criticism of the President? Shouldn’t she at least try to offer some kind of support? An explanation for why things are so bad? Or even, at the very least, a heartfelt apology?

She couldn’t have honestly thought that “Your husband is the worst” or another comment that followed from someone else of “You suck!” are signs of support.

Jill Biden is on a national summer tour that is designed to highlight the learning loss that many children from around the country have suffered as a result of the COVID lockdowns. What’s funny about this, though, is that most of the COVID lockdowns happened in Democrat-controlled areas. Republicans got kids back in school as quickly as possible, so learning losses were minimal if present at all.

As if to diminish the comments made by the hecklers even further, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said that he discovered that he had more than teaching kids in common with the First Lady. They both love ice cream, too.

Well, gosh. Doesn’t that just make everything okay? They both love ice cream, so the hecklers should just shut their mouths. It’s insulting that no one addressed the concerns of the hecklers – who are representing a growing number of Americans who are furious at the Biden administration.

In addition to Jill Biden and Ned Lamont, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona was with them.

And, of course, the visit happened the day before the White House revealed that President Biden tested positive for COVID. Was Jill quarantined from her husband? Of course not. There’s a very good chance that she could easily test positive, too – and she’s been spreading the germs all in the name of getting ice cream.

Jill Biden will continue onto many other cities throughout her summer tour. And the ice cream visits will likely be common. And the heckling will be even more common.

If she wants to get anyone to show up to her speaking engagements, she needs to figure out how to handle the comments of Biden sucking better than “thank you for your support.”