January 6 “Insurrectionists” are Now Running for Office

Gallagher Photography/shutterstock.com
Gallagher Photography/shutterstock.com

We’ve all seen the stories of how “insurrectionists” stormed the Capitol Building on January 6 of last year. The question we really have to ask is if we believe they were trying to defend or destroy the democracy of our country.

And, really, this has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Forget about what the liberals say. Forget about what you read.

Do you think they were trying to protect our country?

This is a decision you may have to make sooner rather than later. It turns out quite a few of these individuals have decided to run for public office.

There are at least 57 individuals who have decided that storming the Capitol is the least of their civic duties for their country. Some will be running for Congress while others want to hold office within their individual states.

Now, you’ve seen the photos. Not all of the ones who were taking selfies in the Capitol are the ones who will be running.

Some of the “insurrectionists” simply attended the “Save America” rally. Others gathered on the steps of the Capitol. And then, of course, there are those who breached the walls of the building itself.

Plenty of liberals would like to cut these individuals off at the pass and say that they are disqualified from public service. However, that’s not entirely fair. Try as she might, Nancy Pelosi has not been able to make a decent case against what happened last year. Many individuals felt as though they were doing what was necessary to protect the democracy.

Think about it. No one wanted an old white man as president, according to many Democrats. It’s why individuals like Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker and Andrew Yang were running. Yet, when it all was said and done, Joe Biden was the last man standing. And, then, he won so many votes that it was a record number. It meant that people came out of the woodwork to vote in an old white man as president.

Sorry, but it’s a lot to digest. Sure, some people hated Donald Trump…but there were also districts that claimed they loved Donald Trump only for the votes to show that they all voted for Joe Biden.

To question the integrity of the elections was inevitable. After all, when Trump won in 2016, liberals did the same thing. They just didn’t storm the Capitol to make sure that their voices were heard.

The liberals want to make it seem like those who raised their voices to question the integrity of the 2020 elections are insurrectionists and dangers to the concept of democracy.

Perhaps we need some people who are willing to raise their voices and storm the Capitol to be heard. It may be the only way to be heard over the hypocrisy of the left.

Not everyone was arrested. Not everyone broke the law. And, there were at least 11 protesters who have already been elected to various public offices, ranging from school boards to city councils to state legislature.

And, you’ll find that many are running for Congress. They have a voice, they have a conservative outlook, and they’re not afraid to raise their voices if it means protecting the nation from liberals who want to lie, cheat, and steal to control the country.

One protester, Ryan Kelley, is running for Michigan governor. He’s not going into it with eyes closed, though. “They’re going to try and twist it and bend it to fit the narrative that I’m a terrible human being, that I’m an insurrectionist and I know that’s coming. But at the end of the day, sorry guys, I didn’t do anything unlawful or illegal. You just didn’t like what happened that day and they just want to push that insurrection narrative.”

Let’s give Kelley and the others a round of applause. We need some heroes to fill the various positions in the state and federal governments. Left-wing liberals need not apply.