ICE Just Released Hundreds of Illegal Alien Criminals to Make Room for New Illegal Alien Criminals

Ringo Chiu /
Ringo Chiu /

Joe Biden has forced Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to turn hundreds of illegal aliens with criminal records loose to make room for the next wave of illegal alien criminals who are about to show up. This is the latest sign that the administration is in full panic mode over the massive horde that is about to swamp the southern border, as President Trump’s Title 42 expires.

Title 42 was a wonderful regulation that allows Customs & Border Protection (CBP) to turn any illegal alien away at the border if they have some weird communicable disease. The regulation expired a minute before midnight on May 11th. The “migrants” know this, and a horde of approximately 1 million of them is expected to flood over the border. Many have incurable tuberculosis and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea. Enjoy the fruits of open borders, America!

To make room for the new horde in ICE detention centers, Joe Biden has released 5,000 criminal illegal aliens from custody. Acting ICE Director Tae Johnson told Congress in April that he plans to turn another 2,000 illegal aliens with criminal records loose, to make even more room for the new illegal alien criminals.

For those who are unaware, which is apparently Republicans in Congress, this is an impeachable offense that Joe Biden is committing against America. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 states, to this day, that if any immigrant—legal or illegal—is convicted of a crime, they have to go back to their home country. ICE is supposed to expel them.

What kind of an insane lunatic country would not want that law in place? For someone to be an immigrant to your country, they should have no criminal record at all! It’s a privilege for them to even be here, not a right. As a wise man once said, we are a stupid country when it comes to immigration.

Border Patrol detention facilities are completely full right now. El Paso has been overrun with illegal alien hobos. Joe Biden has told the Border Patrol that if the detention facilities are full, just turn them all loose. So that’s what’s happening.

When the wave of illegal alien criminals hits our southern border, Texas is going to be overrun, and then other states as well, because there are simply too many more of them for us to absorb. We have a housing crisis in this country that is also out of control, because of the hordes of illegals that Joe Biden has already released here. We didn’t have millions of empty homes and apartments waiting for 6.3 million people to show up and rent them.

Meanwhile, Biden’s outlandish Director of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, continues to make the claim that the southern border is under control as he lets all of his relatives in. Mayorkas has lied under oath to Congress repeatedly with his statements. The border is most assuredly not under control. We’re about to see a mass invasion that is larger than anything that’s ever happened in the Western hemisphere before.

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress don’t appear serious about doing anything to stop this from happening. Joe Biden and his DHS Director are in direct violation of the black-letter immigration law, which was passed by a previous Congress and signed into law. Whatever?

After the Democrats impeached President Donald Trump over two completely fake hoaxes, the Republicans turn around and won’t even impeach Joe Biden for getting Americans killed—which is what’s going to happen with all the criminals he’s turning loose. We’re about to lose Western civilization, and the Republicans are too scared of getting their hands dirty to do anything about it.