Here We Go: The Biden Regime Moves to Ban Gas-Powered Cars and Trucks

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Barack Obama’s tactic of having his underlings regulate things out of existence is being put to good use by Joe Biden’s team. We’ve already seen Biden ban natural gas cookstoves and gas-powered generators through new standards from his unelected, unaccountable, and faceless bureaucrats in the regulatory agencies. Now, Team Biden wants to ban all gas-powered cars and pickup trucks using the same tactics.

Doe Run was the last lead smelting plant in America. Barack Obama had the EPA impose impossible emissions standards on lead smelting, and Doe Run was forced to shut down back in 2013. Ammunition manufacturers now have to use recycled car batteries or import lead from China to make bullets for the US military and civilians. Congress never even voted on this.

Joe Biden’s team (many of whom are Obama holdovers in the bureaucracies) is now doing the same thing. After setting scientifically impossible emissions standards for gas stoves and generators as a test run, gas-powered passenger cars and pickup trucks are next.

If Joe Biden gets his way, auto manufacturers will not be able to sell gas-powered cars or trucks by 2032 unless they get 58 miles to the gallon. The standards get higher every year after that, until eventually, all gas-powered cars and light-duty pickups will be illegal. Heavy-duty pickups and vans have to start improving fuel efficiency by 10% every year starting in 2030, or they become illegal to sell.

The problem is that these “goals” are scientifically impossible to achieve. That’s on purpose.

Congress didn’t vote on this and neither did any American citizen. It’s simply going to be imposed on us by bureaucrats working in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Everyone should be talking to their members of Congress about this insane plan to ban gas-powered cars and trucks. This global warming insanity is going to destroy civilization if these people are not stopped.