Harris’s Husband Might Be More Entitled Than She Is


Kamala Harris got the job as VP because she was willing to step on anyone and everyone to get it. She didn’t even like Joe Biden. That was obvious from the debates when the two of them were still vying for the same position.

Harris was offered the VP slot because she checked the boxes to be diverse enough for the liberals.

Female, check.

Asian, check.

Black, check.

And her gaining that position of power has given her the feeling of entitlement.

Her husband has decided that he, too, gets to be entitled to whatever he wants – including handicapped spots.

Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff went shopping with a motorcade of Secret Service agents recently. More than one handicapped spot was blocked off, preventing people who actually needed those spots from reaching them.

As The Western Journal reported, “the entertainment lawyer sauntered from the entrance of Whole Foods with two bags of groceries.”

Hardly the kind of trip that would warrant such a motorcade – and the need to block multiple handicapped spots.

Emhoff has experienced a lot of problems since entering the White House. First, he was rebranded from “Doug” to “Douglas” so that he could appear to be more serious. His look prior to the makeover wasn’t suitable for his position – often known to be a t-shirt and blazer sort of guy.

And there’s also the fact that Kamala isn’t using her husband’s last name. She reached her political stature under Harris and had no desire to change it that late in the career. So, while Emhoff and Harris are married, you wouldn’t know it just by looking at names.

There’s also the tidbit that Douglas cannot text Harris because of the cyber security risks of texting personal issues on a government-issued phone. As a result, he has to go through staff when he wants to have a conversation with his wife.

Clearly, this has left him feeling a bit emasculated. Rather than discussing his thoughts on how he’s being treated, he’s throwing his weight around in a Whole Foods parking lot.

Typically, the Secret Service detail would do the shopping for their protectee. Yet, Douglas wanted to do it himself this time. And if it was an inconvenience to the Brentwood community of Los Angeles, so what. Secret Service clearly decided that they’d rather park their motorcade wherever they wanted without so much as a thought to the community they were in.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner had a field day when reporting the story. He felt that Douglas Emhoff was oblivious to the fact that he took the spot – and that almost makes it worse. It’s as if he felt so entitled that he could park anywhere. The clearly marked spots for those with handicaps didn’t even register on his radar.

Faulkner commented, “Just grab the privilege and ride it home, cowboy.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Secret Service blocked the spots for 20 minutes.

This is just more privilege coming out of the Biden-Harris administration. We see Douglas Emhoff doing whatever he can to still feel like a man – after all, he’s the first to ever hold the title of Second Gentleman since his wife is the VP.

We saw privilege, too, when Hunter Biden moved into a luxury rental home in LA, causing the Secret Service to push homeless encampments away.

Who knows what we can expect next?