GOP Sharpening Their Sticks and Lighting the Torches for When They Take Over the House


November 8th cannot come fast enough for the GOP. In the last two years, President Biden has raped and pillaged the country for his purposes. The tailspin he has put our nation in has been unprecedented. The rapid growth of inflation the US has undergone is unprecedented, and it is crippling 90% of Americans who aren’t already millionaires or more. The other 10% are just making it, day by day.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on October 2nd, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), made it known just how ready the GOP is to get their numbers up and to get the cancer out of the White House as quickly as possible. When asked about impeachment she offered very cutthroat remarks.

“I believe there’s pressure on the Republicans to have that vote to put that legislation forward and have that vote. I think that is something that some folks are considering…I didn’t vote to impeach the former president of the United States because I felt like due process was stripped away. I will vote for impeachment of any president if I feel that due process was stripped away for anyone.”

Just knowing that the GOP is ready to treat Biden better than they have treated Trump should make every Republican proud. We can still jab at his office and be armed with torches to shine the light into the dark corners of his office, but Rep. Mace is right. Biden deserves his due process, and as Republicans, we owe it to the American people to give it to him.

Now when the GOP takes over the House of Representatives, a lot is going to change. It won’t just be Biden leaving office. It’s going to be a complete overhaul of many of his policies and getting America back on track. The message of making America great again is no longer enough for this land. After the damage Biden has done to our country, many parts of the government will need to be stripped down and rebuilt.

People like Rep. Mace, Governor DeSantis (R-FL), and other strong-arm conservatives will roll in on one another to form the backbone that Biden has destroyed in the US. Obama had weakened it greatly during his time in office. Trump tried to patch it, but with leftists controlling the House and Senate so much during his time in office, he had his hands tied from being able to accomplish the greatness he has inside.

That all starts changing back around in November. With a full sweep on the table in the midterms, the leftists and their ideas will soon be out of DC. Those that are left will be so outvoted that their voice will sound like a mouse amongst tanks. With impeachment all but a certainty at that point, the only thing left to happen is to wait.

After that comes the Presidential election in 2024. This is where everything falls into place. We will have enough power and control, nothing the left has to say will matter. They will become voiceless, ignored, and turned away. There will be nobody to help them get a seat at the table following the election. While the MAGA years have been great, they shall pale in comparison to the results after 2024.

When you think Republican, you know you are thinking right. You have your world in order, and you can tangibly see our people, our country, and our economy flourish. The liberal leftist trash only clouds the mind and judgments of good, hard-working Americans and tries to turn them into communists. That’s the last thing this country needs, and it’s the last thing our kids need.

Now is the time to bond together. Get your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Get them educated and out there to vote. It’s time to get the trash out of DC and get the people who love America running the show again!!!