Gas-Powered Cars Get Targeted AGAIN


It seems that the left will do anything to push their electric vehicle agenda, even if it means appointing a government official illegally.

Ann Carlson, who was appointed as Acting Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) by the Biden Administration, has a record of promoting aggressive fuel-efficiency regulations that aim to force people into buying electric vehicles.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz submitted a letter that was signed by fellow GOP senators to President Joe Biden expressing grievances over Carlson’s position. According to the letter, Carlson should not have been eligible to lead the NHTSA because of her lack of experience in vehicle safety oversight and her radical stance on environmentalism.

The letter also states that appointing Carlson to the position violates the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, which was put into law to prevent an individual who is appointed to fill a vacant executive agency office from taking an active role. Under the law, Carlson was also required to serve as first assistant to Steven Cliff, who formerly led the agency, for more than 90 days before his retirement, which she failed to do.

Despite the fact that the Biden Administration withdrew Carlson’s nomination for the position of Acting Administrator on May 30, Carlson has continued to serve in the active role.

Carlson, who previously worked as a professor of environmental law at UCLA, was initially hired to serve as NHTSA’s chief council by the Biden-Harris transition team in 2021. Since that time, Carlson has worked to overhaul existing fuel economy standards and promote policies that would significantly increase the costs of gas-powered vehicles and make electric vehicles the only feasible option for many people.

Carlson has also been accused of trying to turn the NHTSA into an agency that aligns more with the left’s climate agenda policies rather than vehicle safety standards.

It’s still unclear at this point whether the letter submitted to Biden will compel the president to appoint a new nominee for Carlson’s position. The White House has yet to respond to inquiries about the letter.