Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Stunned at Some Democratic Voters

Michael Candelori/

Jen Psaki is the former White House press secretary for President Biden, and she left to work as a correspondent for MSNBC. On Tuesday she expressed shock that there were Democrats who will vote for candidates who questioned the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. 

Psaki tweeted about the latest New York Times/Siena College poll and started her post with “Holy Moly.”

Holy moly siena/NYT poll ‘more than a third of independent voters and a smaller but noteworthy contingent of Democrats said they were open to supporting candidates who reject the legitimacy of the 2020 election…’ as they focus on economic issues,” she tweeted.

The NY Times/Siena poll revealed that 40% of registered voters are open to supporting candidates who questioned the outcome of the 2020 election results. When you break that down according to demographic lines, it means that 71% of GOP voters were open to supporting these candidates, 37% of Independent voters and 12% of Democratic voters believed they were open to supporting such candidates. 

The poll also discovered that 71% of registered voters think that American democracy is “under threat,” and 21% of the same voters do not. 

Therefore, the poll suggests that U.S. voters are believing the Democratic rhetoric that declares Republicans are the ones threatening American Democracy. The irony is that when it all comes down to voting, people are apathetic to the alleged threat and it does not seem that they believe questioning the outcome of the election is a real threat to their democracy. 

The bottom line is that voters care most about other issues like inflation, the economy, and crime. 

“I don’t believe that their opinion on whether or not the election was quote unquote stolen is important. … I’m far more concerned about their stance on policies that actually matter,” one independent voter told the Times. 

Apparently, that sentiment stunned Psaki, I don’t know why. 

The reason that this should not be a “Holy Moly” issue for Democrats like Psaki is the difference between someone who doesn’t believe that the last presidential election was completed on the up and up doesn’t necessarily make them an “election denier.”

Calling everyone who has questions about voting fraud a denier is just rhetoric the party is using to make villains out of a large amount of the population. 

It’s also true that the statement “Democracy is under threat” can mean very different things to different people. For Psaki and her cohorts, it means that Democrats are losing power and influence.

One Independent voter speaking to The New York Times said they were much more concerned about how someone feels about the First and Second Amendments. A Republican voter told the same news outlet that we should stop trying to rewrite the Constitution and just “reread” it. 

And when a Democratic voter was asked by The New York Times to name the biggest threat to our country in one or two words, he replied, “Inflation and taxes.” But his party is still focused on election deniers and abortion. 

There just isn’t enough of a margin for the focus to be on imagined threats to our nation when so many are in an intense struggle to make ends meet because of the economy. 

The biggest threat to our nation right now is that an average family’s pay is not going far enough to make ends meet, and that is what will motivate the vote in the midterms this November. 

There is no “Holy Moly” about it, Jen. Both the Biden team and the MSNBC team should just get with the program.