State Department Halts Funding

(FinancialHealth) – We may not have a new stimulus package, and the election results may be up in the air, but our administration is still hard at work. According to our friends at RightWing, secretary of state Mike Pompeo made an announcement about future funding rules. The State Department has moved to ban the funding […]

How To Protect Your Card Numbers While Shopping

The Best and Worst Credit Cards to Carry

(FinancialHealth) – Online shopping has been growing in popularity, but this holiday season the practice will be commonplace. Thanks to COVID restrictions, a lot of people will be turning to a wide variety of online shops to fill in the gaps, using their credit and debit cards to pay for their purchases. While credit and […]

Mark Zuckerberg Replaced As Third Richest Person

(FinancialHealth) – Mark Zuckerberg has enjoyed the third position on the Bloom Billionaires Index for quite some time now, boasting a net worth of over $106 billion. This week, however, Tesla saw a huge increase in share value, bumping Elon Musk’s personal wealth by $15 billion. The bump pushed Musk to approximately $117 billion, which […]

How To Get FREE Food This Thanksgiving

( – Giving back seems to be the name of the game this holiday season – not just in words, but in action. A lot of big businesses are acutely aware of how difficult 2020 has been for the community at large, and many are looking for ways to ease some of the burden while […]

Trump’s Lawyers Demand Voting Software Probe

( – Trump supporters were left stunned yet pleasantly surprised by a Fox news interview on Sunday, November 15th. During the interview, lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell uncovered ties between the Dominion voting system used in the US elections and elections that were believed to have been stolen in other countries. Trump supporters have […]

URGENT: Still Waiting On A Stimulus Check?

( – Article Update: 11/16/20: According to the IRS, the deadline for non-filers to file for their economic impact payment is now November 21, 2020.  Originally published 9/15/20: Believe it or not, the IRS is reporting they have yet to mail round-one stimulus checks to a staggering 9 million people. Why? That’s how many people […]

Officials Butt Heads Over Next Stimulus

(FinancialHealth) – Americans have been waiting anxiously for an update on the next economic stimulus package. The March 2020 CARES Act brought some relief, but much of that ran out or expired as early as July. The pandemic rages on and the public is looking towards Congress for another round of relief. Senate Majority Mitch […]

Amazon Files Lawsuits Against Influencers

( – Amazon is known for its wide variety of products, quick shipping, and Prime benefits. What they don’t want to be known for is selling counterfeit goods. Amazon recently filed lawsuits against a couple of popular online influencers. The influencers are accused of using a dozen third-party sellers to sell counterfeit goods via the […]

BLM Accused Of Funneling Money To Biden

( – The subject of money and how it’s used in politics has been pretty hot lately. That’s why we weren’t too surprised to find out Candace Owens, one of President Trump’s supporters, is now loudly questioning how donations made to the Black Live Matter Movement were used. Our friends at United Voice took a […]

Bloomberg Loses $100 MILLION In Florida

( – If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that money can’t buy you love… or… uh…. votes, for that matter. While big donations are no surprise during the elections, it isn’t generally normal to see one person throw a cash infusion at a particular state – especially outside of his own geographic area. President […]

Election Worker Calls Out Voting Irregularities

( – It’s been a full week since the November 3rd elections and American’s are still not sure exactly who will be confirmed as the next president. Over the past several days, several people have come forward with stories about questionable behavior at polling places. Fox News claims to have a copy of an affidavit from […]

Travel Mugs Recalled for Injury and Burn Hazard

( – Grabbing a hot cup of coffee or tea to take on the go is an incredibly popular morning habit. Unfortunately, those using this particular travel mug may be putting themselves at risk. The Rambler® 20 oz Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid has been declared potentially hazardous. The magnet slider responsible for keeping the […]

Soros and Zuckerberg Spent Millions Influencing Elections

( – The fact Americans like to spend money on politics is no real secret. The lengths people will go to, or what they’re willing to spend in order to influence an election, is an entirely different story. Billionaire businessman George Soros has long been a well-known supporter of the Democratic party, regularly reported as dumping […]

McConnell Wants Stimulus Deal By End Of Year

( – While Americans have spent the week on edge waiting for election results, legislators have been reviewing the numbers and making plans for the next stimulus package. This past Wednesday (November 4th), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters he would like to see another rescue package passed by the end of 2020. McConnell […]

How Much Election Money Is Too Much In Politics?

( – Truth? Elections cost money – a lot of money. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that this year’s election cycle cost upwards of $11 billion. According to research done by the Center for Responsive Politics, this year’s total is the highest we’ve ever seen. This begs a couple of pretty important questions. […]

POTUS Hopeful As States Continue Counting Votes

( – It’s become clear over the past few days – especially last night – that the country has underestimated the amount of support Donald Trump has. While the final results are unclear, it seems as though President Trump is positioned relatively well. We’ve pulled together a collection of pieces summarizing yesterday’s events: Trump Hopeful […]

Holiday 2020 Shopping Scams – Start Planning Now


( – With Amazon Prime day behind us, all eyes are now on the start of the holiday shopping season. Even though online shopping has seen a surge in popularity over the past several years, COVID restrictions will very likely push those numbers even higher. The problem? Online scammers know this… and they’re ready, too. […]

Hurry! Amazon Prime Day Is Ending!

Will COVID-19 Suffocate Amazon?

( – Have an Amazon Prime account? If so, today’s the last day to take advantage of this year’s “Prime Day” savings event. Confused about the timing? You’re not alone. Amazon initially introduced Prime Day in 2015 as a way to get more people to sign up for the Prime discount service. Since then, it’s […]

Don’t Fall Victim To These New COVID Scams

( – Scams are nothing new, but the creative lengths predators are willing to go to in order to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to amaze us. There are two newer scams spreading you need to be consciously aware of. COVID-19 Relief Grants This scam commonly involves Facebook. Scammers will either hack or […]

New SCAM Targets Popular Online Services

( – Amazon and Netflix users – take note. A new phishing scam is targeting the users of these incredibly popular online services. Netflix users are likely to receive an email saying their billing information needs to be updated. The link in the email asks users to log in, but what you really end up […]

5 Free and Low-Cost Ways To Entertain Your Family

A night out on the town is fun and entertaining. Dinner, a round of golf or maybe a movie can make it a night to remember, but it can wreak havoc on the pocketbook. So why not look for cheaper alternatives? Ready to cure that cabin fever? Get out and spend quality time with the […]

How To Get FREE Chicken Nuggets (Wed, 9/16/20 Only)

( – Look. We get it. Fast food isn’t the best thing for you. But if you’re a fan of McDonald’s chicken nuggets or are looking for a way to stretch your meal budget for the week a bit, you may want to check out tomorrow’s deal. McDonald’s just launched a promotion called “Spicesurance.” If […]

New Walmart+ Service to Rival Amazon

New Walmart+ Service to Rival Amazon

( – Move over, Jeff Bezos! There’s a new delivery service on the block. Walmart+ officially debuted on August 31, and it has Amazon Prime in its sights. The new membership service will cost customers $98 annually, or they can pay $12.95 per month. It’s going to absorb Walmart’s current Delivery Unlimited service, and anyone […]

FBI Alert! Fraudulent Website Scams

FBI Alert! Fraudulent Website Scams

( – Scammers are always looking for new ways to steal money from unsuspecting people. Fake websites are one of the ways criminals do this. And according to the FBI, these types of schemes are on the rise. In August, the FBI issued a public service announcement notifying Americans about a rise in “online shopping […]

Second Stimulus: All Hope Is Not Lost

Second Stimulus: All Hope Is Not Lost

( – The Senate will be back on Capitol Hill on September 8, and lawmakers are expected to pick up negotiations on the next stimulus bill. Republicans are reportedly discussing a targeted bill to deal specifically with the most important issues on the table. That’s led to speculation that direct payments may not be sent […]

Start Planning Now for 2021 HSA Changes

Start Planning Now for 2021 HSA Changes

( – In 2020, the lobbying group America’s Health Insurance Plan reported that roughly 22 million Americans had health savings accounts (HSAs). These are available to people who have high-deductible insurance plans, and they provide tax breaks to people who use them. Every year, the IRS tweaks how much a person can contribute to their […]

COVID and Financial Exhaustion: How to Protect Yourself

COVID and Financial Exhaustion: How to Protect Yourself

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful. Not only are Americans worried about their health, but they’re also concerned about their finances. Surveys have shown workers feel burned out. That could lead to people putting off their financial planning, which isn’t a great idea. Retirement planning should never go on the back burner, no […]

Applying Recession Lessons to the 2020 Pandemic

Applying Recession Lessons to the 2020 Pandemic

( – The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been kind to millions of American families. The unemployment rate skyrocketed, according to ABC News, when states mandated shutdowns to slow the spread and the economic hardship started to feel more familiar. Just a decade ago, the country experienced the Great Recession. Fortunately, not only did we make […]

COVID Survival: How to Handle Your Car Loan

( – Millions of Americans are navigating the financial mess left by COVID-19. The shutdowns have left many workers struggling to pay their bills, including their car loans. If you’re having trouble making your auto payment in the wake of the pandemic, don’t panic just yet. The FTC recommends a few steps you can take […]

3 Things the Next Stimulus Needs

3 Things the Next Stimulus Needs

( – In August, negotiations over the next stimulus bill broke down between Republicans and Democrats. Lawmakers decided to take their annual recess and begin again on September 8, when the Senate is back on Capitol Hill. Although nobody knows what exactly Congress will include in the next package, most lawmakers seem to agree on […]


Watch Georgia Recount Auditors Call Ballots for Biden Even Though They...

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