Why Americans Need a $2,000 Savings Fund

Why Americans Need a $2,000 Savings Fund

(FinancialHealth.net) – Financial emergencies are bound to arise, yet most Americans do not have the necessary savings to handle these situations. When a financial shock happens to a family, it can take them months or longer to recover. Some never fully recover at all, as they live paycheck to paycheck with no extra cash available […]

Browsing Habits Are Costing You

Browsing Habits Are Costing You

(FinancialHealth.net) – Some Internet users tend to browse through shopping sites, looking at items they wish they could buy. They check back often, hoping to see special deals and discounts on the things they’ve been watching. What typically happens instead is those prices rise. Many people don’t realize that their browsing habits are costing them. […]

How to Raise Financially Responsible Children

(FinancialHealth.net)- Smart Quiz! What Can You Give Your Children to Make Them More Responsible Adults? Money Obligations Car House Answer: Obligations We’ve all seen them. They are the ones who live at home until the grandparents are raising the grandchildren and the parents are “trying to find themselves.” And, let’s be fair; the distance between […]

Are You Spending Enough?

(FinancialHealth.net)- Smart Quiz! What Percentage of Your Income Should Be Flexible Spending? 20% 10% 30% 5% Answer: 30% When it comes to spending, that number is just as important as your bills and savings combined. Why? Because planned spending serves your finances far better than unplanned spending and if you aren’t getting enough pleasure out […]

How Online Thieves are Skimming Your Info

How Online Thieves are "Skimming" Your Info

(FinancialHealth) – Online thieves are some of the most dangerous, as they can get into your smartphone or computer and access all of the personal identifying information you have saved there. The more information they can find, the more opportunity they have to use it to their advantage. There are multiple ways online thieves are […]

Biden Signs Order Expanding ObamaCare

One has to be cautious when considering the issuance of presidential memorandums, proclamations, and executive orders. Yes, presidents serve as the head of the executive branch. However, they do not control the power of the purse, which renders some actions little more than symbolic political gestures. An ideal case in point could be Joe Biden’s […]

Democrats To Model US Policy After California

(FinancialHealth) – The country has watched for years as California has led the country in far-left policies and administrative shifts. In just one year, the state lost more than 135,000 residents, each moving to more conservative states. Big companies like Tesla and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have also left the state, each looking for states that […]

Former Michigan Governor Faces Charges for Flint Water Disaster

(FinancialHealth) – While the water crisis in Flint, Michigan was a huge story when it broke in 2014 – one element of the story has been hanging in the balance. Who would answer for the decision to start drawing water from the Flint River in order to save money? On Thursday, January 14th, prosecutors announced […]

Biden Releases Massive COVID Spending Plan

On Thursday, January 15, Joe Biden announced another round of COVID aid. Without much resistance from Republicans due to new Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, it’s more likely big government spending is on the way. Over the last several decades, Americans became accustomed to big government, and it doesn’t appear to be abating […]

Billionaire Investor Sheldon Adelson Dead at 87

(FinancialHealth) – Sheldon Gary Adelson passed away on January 11, 2021 at the age of 87. While well known as a successful casino owner, businessman and investor, Adelson was also a key political donor and friend to President Trump. Adelson is well-known in the Las Vegas community as the investor who purchased the Sands Hotel […]

It’s Official – Elon Musk Is the Richest Person in the World

Whenever a story like this breaks, there’s always a certain cohort who uses it as an illustration of the perceived excesses of capitalism and the unfairness of modern life. How, they ask, can Elon Musk be allowed to amass billions and billions of dollars while so many can barely afford to feed themselves? Of course, […]

Why Is Cancel Culture Hitting Trump and His Supporters So Hard?

For decades, the cancel culture intimidated and bullied people. Nearly twenty years ago, Merry Christmas became taboo. Stores were threatened with protests by leftist groups if they didn’t stop using the term. Up until 2016, many politicians trembled in its wake. Then Donald Trump came along and violated all the principles of political correctness that […]

Where’s My Next Stimulus Check?

You Can Save Money When...

(FinancialHealth) – Millions of Americans started seeing their second Economic Impact Payments deposited in their bank accounts as early as January 4th – some even sooner. Unfortunately, many others are scrambling to figure out why they haven’t received their payments or – worse – why the IRS website shows they were deposited into accounts that […]

Bitcoin Prices Soar Above $30,000

Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, first became a household name after its massive surge in 2017. During that period, which was also a time of significant growth for smaller cryptos like Ripple and Ethereum, Bitcoin was valued at a high of almost $20,000. However, it would go on to fall to below $4,000 before the end […]

$600 or $2,000 – How Much Will The Stimulus Check Be?

4 COVID-19 Money Tips

(FinancialHealth) – While the House of Representatives passed a bill Monday evening to increase Economic Impact Payments from $600 to $2,000, the bill as written stalled in the Senate. This does not mean a delay in the next round of deposits and checks being issued, but it does confirm the payments will be issued at […]

President Trump Signs Stimulus Bill – So When Will You Get A Check?

(FinancialHealth) – On Sunday Evening, December 27th, President Donald Trump signed the most recent $900 billion economic relief bill. Topping $900 billion, the bill includes $600 stimulus checks per qualifying citizen. The Treasury Department hopes to begin depositing funds into people’s accounts by the end of this week. President Trump has been pushing the House […]

4 Predictions For the 2021 Housing Market

In March of this year, COVID-19 hit hard. Nearly every aspect of American’s lives were turned upside down. The housing market was no different. Some people lost their homes as layoffs began, while others took the opportunity to purchase a home while interest rates were incredibly low. But, what will the coming year hold for […]

Trump Administration Turns Back Obama Era Regulation

Former President Barack Obama tried to regulate just about every aspect of American life to the detriment of our freedom of choice and the strength of our economy. But, President Donald Trump has just rolled back even more burdensome regulations, securing higher-quality showers and faster washer and dryer times for Americans. These new changes were […]

Fraud Alert: Hackers Sending Fake Shipping Forms

(FinancialHealth) – As if things aren’t stressful enough, consumers now have a new holiday scam to watch out for. Shipping delays are very common right now, so scammers are taking advantage of that fact by sending fake shipping notifications to consumers. How does it work? Hackers send messages that are spoofed to look like they […]

The Scandal Unfolds: Hunter Biden Was Due Pay From China

Controversy continues to swell around Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, regarding his foreign business deals. He’s been named in potentially criminal conduct in Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings. He’s also implicated in possible misconduct with Chinese energy companies, private equity funds, and asset management companies. Most recently, newly-exposed emails allegedly sent by Hunter […]

Top GOP Officials Demand CA Return Federal Money Being Used In Pro-Biden Scheme

In September, Republican members on the House Oversight Committee started looking into a massive contract California awarded to a public relations firm, SKD Knickerbocker (SKDK), that did work for Joe Biden’s campaign. The GOP said they had questions about how the state awarded the contract. The lawmakers conducting the probe made a shocking demand recently. […]

McEnany Shreds Pelosi for Holding Up Stimulus Relief

Americans celebrated this week’s rollout of the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The US Food and Drug Administration approved an Emergency Use Authorization for it on Friday, December 11. However, Democrats and Republicans keep arguing over their competing ideas for a COVID-19 relief package. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tore into House […]

Billionaire Uses Algorithm To Manipulate Investors

(FinancialHealth) – As if Americans weren’t already struggling enough, it appears as though at least one member of the upper class has been taking advantage of investors in an elaborate hedge fund scheme. Our friends at United Voice recently reported on the story of BlueCrest Capital Management co-founder Michael Platt. The SEC is currently investigating […]

McConnell and McCarthy Support Stimulus Checks

(FinancialHealth) – While our legislators have shown they do have the ability to compromise, especially when it comes to budgets and keeping the system running, they’re definitely struggling on one key point – the next stimulus package. The good news is both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have said they would support a White House […]

Who Is Responsible For Holding Up The Stimulus?

(FinancialHealth) – Americans all over the country have been waiting anxiously for Congress to come to some sort of agreement about the next stimulus. Meanwhile, restaurant and are speaking up, labeling the collective group of legislators as “irresponsible.” While all businesses, especially small, have been hit hard by COVID, but restaurants and bars seem to […]

Ouch! He Actually LEFT The State

(FinancialHealth) – Tech genius Elon Musk stunned the world by moving not one, but two positions on list of top billionaires. Now shadowed only by Jeff Bezos, he continues to make impressive strides with both SpaceX and Tesla. Despite his successes, he and the state of California have had several major disputes throughout 2020. The […]

Mark Cuban Predicts Post-Pandemic “America 2.0”

(FinancialHealth) – Some Americans are waiting anxiously for a new stimulus package, while others are watching carefully as the FDA reviews emergency use authorization applications for COVID-19 vaccinations. No matter what happens, a big question remains – what is the future of American business? Entrepreneur Marc Cuban predicts post-pandemic America will be a lot different. […]

Pandemic Relief Set For Release as Congress Seeks Deal (REPORT)

Democrats and Republicans continue wrangling over a coronavirus relief package. Negotiators on both sides of the aisle hope to resolve critical differences concerning funding for local governments and liability protections for business entities this week. Lawmakers plan to attach the package to an omnibus bill necessary to provide government funds into 2021. However, time is […]

Is Economic Espionage Putting Your Household at Risk?

(FinancialHealth) – On December 3, 2020, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal detailing what he feels is one of the greatest threats to American households – economic espionage. Economic espionage is the frightening practice of foreign powers using sponsored or intelligence-based activities to influence policy decisions. They […]

Walmart Offers New Benefits Amid Pandemic

(FinancialHealth) – While millions of Americans have been working remotely or even furloughed, many others have been forced to work retail despite fear of exposure to COVID-19. Many large corporations are looking for ways to show their appreciation for their dedication to their jobs. Our friends at Conservative Insider uncovered an incredible story about Walmart […]


Are They Ever Giving Back Their Power? the COVID Dictatorship in...

When this whole ordeal first began, we were told that we needed to stay inside for a month or two before all would be...

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