Farmer Calls Biden to the Carpet Over “Food Crisis” and the Lack of Help From the White House


For the last two years, there have been sporadic reports of strange conditions occurring inside the US and our food supply. From multi-generational farms being purchased by the Chinese at incredibly high prices to grain storage warehouses having horrific floods, to food processing plants suddenly going up in flames. Something is amiss, and President Biden being in office is too much of a coincidence.

The problem is, the American farmers aren’t getting help when they have a bad crop year, nor are the remaining companies making them good offers on their harvests. The price being paid out compared to the price they are charging us just doesn’t quite add up, nor is it right. Other people are starting to notice, and now these farmers are making some noise about the situation.

September 23rd saw National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. calling Biden to the carpet. He just like other farmers is tired of Biden pushing foreign interests instead of standing alongside US farmers. While speaking with Fox News he outlined the problems farmers in the US are facing today, and how the way Biden treats them will ultimately cost US citizens.

One major factor they have noticed and taken exception to is the $178 million in international food projects that Biden is funding. Instead of helping US farmers to produce more or make it right for some failed crops due to federal interference, he is helping other nations whose farmers show often don’t want the help. Meanwhile, Biden is refusing to sit down with the farmers on any terms or conditions. He was clear on his message for Biden.

“I have two messages for the President. One, that God is still in charge and he’s sitting high looking down. And [President Biden] has to honor [God’s] word. A man that doesn’t keep his word, my daddy says, isn’t a good man of character. So, the President hasn’t kept his word… There is no money to help American farmers here in the worst situation in this food crisis. Facing high cost of inflation, high cost of imports, and all these things, diesel, fertilizer, and we have farmers facing farm foreclosures.”

Simply put, stop worrying about US allies and pet projects. Worry about the situation back in the US and those providing for our people. The farmers are starting to look like an experiment in socialism, where Biden just hands it over to people who claim they are in need. Like he wants to bring down US farmers to their level.

Back in May 2022, Biden touted his love for the farmers and talked all about how they were supporting them in the face of inflation. He then spoke at length about the impacts from the Russia/Ukraine conflict on the global food supply. What he failed to do was discuss how American farmers could help undercut that shortage, at a minimum for other Americans.

Biden then used that same platform to attempt to say he understood farmers. That somehow Delaware is nothing but farming, and then tried claiming the same for Maryland and Virginia. Despite his claims, numerous records show that in Delaware, the chemical industry is at the top with the government not too far behind.

This is the simple kind of stuff that Biden and the left as a whole love to lie about. It makes them feel good to “help” while doing absolutely nothing. This self-righteous mission they are on is killing the American people and leaving prices for American-made food sky high.

Yet, somehow, they are surprised when they see middle America voting for the right and seeing entire states without one Democratic County. It’s because these people, the very heart and soul of American livelihood, are all about taking care of the people who call the US home.