Far-Left Teacher Says Kids are Dying Because of Florida’s Parental Rights Law

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A far-left teacher in Florida recently got some spotlight by a Twitter account called “Libs of Tik Tok.” The clip was of an interview that Florida teacher Ravi Ramirez had with CNN’s Brian Stelter. She is seen saying that the media needs to be less reactionary and here’s the kicker…she noted that kids are “dying” because of the debate over the Florida parental rights law.

Ramirez took heat from what she called trolls online after “Libs of Tik Tok” reposted her video talking with Smelter. Here is some background on this recently shut down the Twitter account. 

A woman from Brooklyn started an account that was almost solely composed of videos of liberals talking about themselves. These were videos already uploaded to the internet and the intent was to show what ordinary people on the left believe in their own words. Eventually, the number of followers of this account became greater than the number of people who watched CNN nightly. 

The draw to the account was that what people actually believe about the topics debated is worse than what most of us can imagine. 

This is what one teacher posted that was picked up to 

 Libs of Tik Tok,” “Hi, my name is — and I’m a preschool teacher. Recently, we started wearing pronoun pins and the kids get to pick a new pronoun pin every day. We have something that picks she/her every single day and we have some that change it up.”

Another teacher posted this, “Kids as young as 3 and 4 are actually aware of their gender identity, even if they don’t have the language for it. To say that pre-K through 3rd grade are not ready for such topics is actually internalized homophobia and transphobia.”

Ravi Ramirez ended up on the Twitter account because she went on a tirade about how teachers have lost their jobs because of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law. She talked about teachers who had to take down their “safe spaces,” and how they have had to change the way that they speak to their students. She thinks the media should be focusing on the human impact of what is happening to teachers and how their “stress levels” have risen. 

Ramirez said, ”I think it’s too much and I think it’s a personal attack on public education in general. They want to privatize education. They don’t want to make education accessible to all people. So it’s important to ensure that, you know, we don’t want to get reactionary behavior, which is very human and normal, but provide the facts, but never forget the real impacts.”

She continued to say, ”You know, kids are dying because of this and that’s my biggest concern.”

The clip of Ramirez closed with her declaring that she just wanted to save kids’ lives, she wanted her students to know that they could be safe with her, they are loved. She said this could change their lives.

CNN’s Stelter followed this up with criticism against the creator of “Libs of Tik Tok,” and how it was right for that site to get what was coming to it. 

The truth is that the woman from the Bronx who started this Twitter account has had her life destroyed. And according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, it was due to a foreign intelligence operation that wanted to silence and intimidate an American citizen. Carlson goes so far as to question whether the Biden administration might have had something to do with “Libs of Tik Tok being shut down.

Ramirez believes that a law saying that you should teach about sexual identity to 5-year-olds is actually causing children to die. “Libs of Tik Tok” was simply showing the world that what the left actually believes is worse than what we thought.