Drone Confirms It: Bigfoot Is Here and He Is Pissed!!

guidopiano / shutterstock.com
guidopiano / shutterstock.com

For decades, Americans have debated the existence and location of Bigfoot. These hairy prehistoric creatures have been talked about with limited evidence from the swamps of the Everglades up through the Appalachian Mountains and onwards westerly through the great Rocky Mountain range and into the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

It seems as if he is everywhere but the desert.

This includes the snowy areas where Ken Karpentry caught the beast on his drone. Appearing to be about 7 ft tall, this hairy beast sways through the field, content in his surroundings, seemingly unaware of the drone overhead. While many would believe this could scare off a sasquatch, others are seemingly unaware of how high they can fly and then zoom in.

With the footage first shared on YouTube, it wasn’t very well noticed there. Much like the mythological creature itself, it slipped through with very few detecting it. Then TikTok user “The Paranormal Chic” found the footage and shared it across the platform for her users to debate.

As she explained, this is some of the most dramatic footage and proof of Bigfoot’s existence. From the clear drone footage, you can see the gait, the prints, and the sheer size of this magnificent beast. Many were clamoring for Ken to go back and reshoot the yeti and to ensure he was captured at a better angle since a drone would allow for it. Still, others warned against that as the unnatural sound could disturb him and send him into a deep rage.

Looking at the determination on his face, Bigfoot is real, he is here, and he is pissed. As this scorcher of a summer is getting ready to end, the beast could shortly run out of food. The unusually hot weather combined with the smoke from the Canadian wildfires may have significantly limited his food sources.

As a nation, we need to see this footage and be reminded of just how much we are still at risk, even though we are still at the apex.