Did Dems Finally Realize It’s Too Late?

Jim Vallee/shutterstock.com

It’s official: the Democratic Party is going to make history this year. But don’t assume that means good things and increased fame is coming to them. Quite the opposite, in fact.

As you have likely heard by now, a “red wave” has been predicted for the November midterms of 2022. Part of this occurs quite naturally with no real fault of the Democratic Party itself. But another, and significantly larger, part comes from the sheer lack of wisdom, maturity, and capability of that same party.

The first part has been shown throughout history. Whenever there is a change in presidential leadership or at least a change in the ruling party of the White House, that party usually suffers a bit during the next midterm cycle. After all, not everyone will like how they are handling things, so there is much precedent for that party to lose at least a few seats in Congress, usually in the House of Representatives.

For example, in 2018, during the midterm cycle, after former President Donald Trump took over the White House, the Republicans lost enough seats for that party to then lose control of the House. Barack Obama experienced a similar situation in 2010 when his party lost enough seats to lose control of the House.

The same is no doubt expected this year, with the Democratic Party losing seats and control.

However, this year is predicted to show the progressives more of a defeat than usual. And that can be solely blamed on the party and its members.

Additionally, as Election Day draws closer, the expected losses of the Democratic Party are growing by the hour. Naturally, that means even larger odds that the GOP will end up on top.

According to recent polling, those chances have improved in the last week alone.

Rasmussen noted that in a poll taken from Sunday to Thursday, Republicans gained an incredible seven-point lead on the generic congressional ballot over Dems. And key midterm Senate races are only confirming that lead.

In Pennsylvania, Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, known better as Dr. Oz, has been trailing his Democrat opponent John Fetterman all year. But thanks to a rather terrible performance by the latter during a recent debate, Oz is now in the lead, according to the New York Post.

Similarly, in Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly has been in the lead for a while now, suggesting that his seat was in no real danger of being lost. However, in the past week, GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters is now running even with the incumbent. And that is making Democrats everywhere more than a bit nervous.

This is because Arizona and Pennsylvania are not the only two states to have seen big wins or, at the very least big gains in GOP polling in recent weeks. Currently, Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin all show significant signs of pulling off a Republican Senate win.

Now, if you didn’t already know, the democrats hold what can be considered to be the slimmest majority margins ever in the US Senate. Currently, there are 50 Democrat senators and 50 Republican ones. The deciding vote goes to the Vice President, which, as you know, is currently a Democrat, Kamala Harris.

This means that the GOP only needs to flip one seat to have the majority again. And with at least five states now showing signs of a possible red senate win, the chances of achieving that majority are larger than ever.

In fact, Decision Desk HQ is now saying for the first time that the GOP is actually more than likely to win back the Upper House. Just weeks ago, the same could not be said.

Of course, the story for the House of Representatives has been in the Republicans’ favor for some months now. According to FiveThirtyEight, the chances of the GOP retaking the House is now a whopping 81 in 100 as of Saturday.

The only real question at this point is just how many seats the GOP will gain to secure their win. So far, the party is on par to achieve the large election wave win the nation has ever seen.

As I said, the Democrats stand to make history. But it will be Republicans on the winning side.