DeSantis Launch is a Failure; Americans Need More Convincing

William Hunton /
William Hunton /

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida announced his run for the presidency using  Twitter Spaces and a chat with Elon Musk. This is the first time anyone has done a virtual campaign launch. Like any new technology, this one failed Musk and DeSantis when they needed it the most.

The event started late. The audio cut in and out. And various other voices were heard within the audio.

To say that it was a failure is putting it lightly.

Now, we have the poll data to back it up. An Economist/YouGov poll was taken shortly after DeSantis’s big announcement. Only about 24% felt the event was a success while 21% said it went “very badly.”

This is going to be a challenge for DeSantis. Plus, he still has to deal with the fact that Trump is getting more support.

In the same Economist/YouGov poll, it was discovered that 52% support Trump while only 27% support the Florida governor.

Despite the challenges, DeSantis remains undeterred. He hopes that his persistence in the early-voting states will yield significant results and turn the tide in his favor. However, this will require him to effectively communicate with voters without any interference or distractions. Given the current level of intense criticism he faces as a Governor, achieving this goal will undoubtedly be a tough feat.

In contrast to Biden, conservatives are facing a fortunate challenge in the upcoming election season – they have a surplus of strong contenders vying for candidacy.

DeSantis failed to establish himself as a viable presidential candidate due to oversight in declaring his candidacy through proper channels and advanced testing. The lack of a competent team was a contributing factor, despite support from Twitter’s CEO.

If DeSantis wants to be the next President, he has to start doing better.