Democrats Throw America Under the Bus As They Plead With Arabs for More Oil


The Democrats have found a new way to subject America to the international community. The war between Russia and Ukraine will raise gas prices in America. Joe Biden has destroyed the independence that was left by Donald Trump, which would have kept oil prices low in America during the conflict. But Biden is more concerned with forcing Americans to buy foreign oil than making America great.

Brad Sherman is a Democrat that hates America. He believes that the nation needs to condone somehow its alleged liberal sins of being successful. And he believes that it should be done by buying foreign oil from nations that hate America.

Sherman stated that “Saudi Arabia – now is your chance to be an ally or an enemy of those standing against Russia’s attack on #Ukraine. Saudi Arabia must open taps and produce more oil so the world can turn its back on Russian oil. Otherwise, the blood of Ukrainians is also on Saudi Arabia’s hands.”

His intentions may sound good and sweet to people listening to him. But the real reason he wants Saudi Arabia to increase oil production is so America does not have to let its people drill for oil. Biden to let Americans produce their oil is to go against his policy to force the country into subjection to other nations.

Gas prices are going to rise and not just because of the war. Biden has already made it impossible for Americans to enjoy lower gas prices because he shut off supply lines and raised inflation.

Russia knows exactly what it is doing. They are the world’s second-highest producer in the world. Russia has been trying to build its pipeline to Europe for years, forcing the western powers to become dependent on foreign oil. And when Russia decides to take what they want, there will not be a nation around to speak out because they will be able to shut off their resources which means they cannot wage warfare against Russia.

Environmentalists want people to think that global warming is an issue, but the real threat comes from greedy nations and demand others give them what they want. There is no doubt that Russia wants to return to its former glory days and take the stage as another significant power.

Sherman may have all the right intentions in his statement. But he has left out American patriotism. The United States is the one force that can make Russia back down. But that can only happen if America does not have to depend on Russia for any resources.

Republicans all over the country tore into Sherman because of his anti-American statement. Marc Thiessen is a Senior Fellow at The American Enterprise Institute. He stated, “Does that apply to Joe Biden who canceled Keystone XL pipeline that would have more than replaced all US oil imports from Russia?” His point showed that Sherman supported foreign oil instead of American independence.

The truth is that Joe Biden and shotty Sherman do not want America to be in a position to wage war against Russia. Biden wants to put America in a position where the country has no choice but to stay out of Russia’s way. The old man is scared and cannot fathom the mental ability it would take to wage war on another nation as powerful as Russia.

Vladimir Putin has been watching Biden and how he responds to international threats. Biden has shown himself to be weak and unwilling to commit to long-term conflict resolution methods to stop evil powers from overrunning weaker nations.

The world of evil nations has all lined up and is waiting their turn to take advantage of the weak Joe Biden. The Chinese are watching and trying to determine if they have a window to take Taiwan and kick the Americans out of the region. Which will essentially allow them to do whatever they want to their neighbors without worrying about American intervention.