Democrat Dogs Republican States Over Power Issues While at the Same Time Warning His Own of Black Outs To Come

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The nasty California Democrats are quick to attack Republican state leaders in Texas over a loss of electrical power. One such liberal is Eric Swalwell. He took jabs at Texas leaders because the state was having problems producing enough electrical power for people to use during high consumption times.

Texas residents were asked to reduce the amount of power they were using during the days of hot temperatures. The request was made to help keep rolling blackouts from sweeping vulnerable regions.

Swalwell took the opportunity to make fun of the state because of the recent abortion laws passed to protect life. The Daily Wire reported that he said, “Texas. Where Republicans provide plenty of energy to control your body, but no energy to control your thermostat.”

The liberal maintains that women in Texas do not have control over their bodies because they do not have the option of aborting an unwanted child. He thinks the unborn baby is not a human and does not have the right to live if the birth will interfere with the mother’s life. Texas leaders block that option because they believe the baby has the right to live.

Swalwell’s comment came too soon as his state is now struggling with power issues because of how the Democratic governor maintains the power grid. Gavin Newsom has closed down several power plants to solve a climate crisis he believes is brewing in the state. But the problem was that he did not have a plan to replace the energy plants with other electric producing methods to meet the rising power demand.

The nasty Democrat ate his words after he had to shout out for people to reduce power consumption in his state. The Daily Wire reported, “Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) also reminded citizens to cooperate with state authorities to prevent blackouts. ‘You’ve stepped up to help in a big way to keep the lights on so far. But we’re heading into the worst part of this heat wave,’ he said in a video statement. ‘And the risk for outages is real, and it’s immediate.'”

The Democrats tell Californians that the high heat and the overuse of power are why the state struggles to provide power. They do not want to admit that Newsom’s regulations and decisions are why they are having rolling blackouts.

Swalwell’s comments were uncalled for when his states struggled with providing power for people. Instead of commenting and dogging other state leaders about their problems, he should look for ways to solve them in his home state.

The liberal nutcase even demanded that electric car owners keep charging their cars. He had to admit that Gavin Newsom’s push to eliminate fossil fuels from the state creates a big problem for people that need to drive for work or get around. Instead of whining about states’ laws thousands of miles away, Swalwell should be looking for solutions to his state’s problems.

Newsom and Swalwell live in a delusional world where they believe that life can continue as usual while making drastic changes to how people move around the state. One of the insane ideas that Newsom has for the state is to ban the sale of all gas-powered vehicles moving forward.

The governor’s plan forces all car dealers to sell only electric cars. The decision is based on the assumption that gas cars are killing the planet. The plan may seem like a great idea, but the state does not have enough power plants to handle the increase in electricity consumption.

Swalwell has turned his back on his supporters because he is more concerned with what is happening in other states where he has no power to make changes. The greedy Democrats want to make life miserable for everyone living under their rule. And instead of looking to solve the problems their state faces, they are more willing to make fun of others struggling with the same issues.