Delaware Computer Repair Shop Owner Sues Adam Shift Over Hunter Biden’s Laptop


The Delaware computer repair shop owner who brought Hunter Bidens laptop into the light before the 2020 election is going toe to toe with some powerful Democratic leaders. 

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the repair shop, is suing California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff for allegedly saying that he spread Russian disinformation. Isaac is also suing Three Media Publications for insinuating the same thing. 

The repair shop owner informed the New York Post of his lawsuit this week and he filed the suit in Montgomery County, Maryland. He maintains that Schiff along with the media coverage of the story by outlets like CNN, the Daily Beast, and Politico was defamatory. Isaac says that it damaged his reputation. 

Within the lawsuit, there is a focus on comments Schiff made when doing a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer. This came just a few days after the New York Post wrote an article about Hunter Bidens laptop. This article also came out just before the 2020 election between former President Trump and Hunters father, Joe Biden. 

Schiff is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and was discussing with Blitzer in an interview the revealed emails from Hunter on the laptop. 

Schiff said, We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. Thats been clear for well over a year now that theyve been pushing this false narrative about the Vice President and his son.

In that same interview, Blitzer held up a picture of President Trump sitting at his desk in the Oval Office holding up a copy of the New York Post. He was focusing on the possibility of conspiracy.

Yes. Well, look, I think we know who the driving force behind this smear has been all along and its been the president and the Kremlin. The Kremlin has an obvious interest in denigrating Joe Biden. They want Donald Trump to win,Schiff said in response.

Isaac argued in his lawsuit against Schiff that he did not have any real intelligence, but as the head of the Intelligence Committee, he shared with CNNs viewership a complete an utter lie; a lie issued in the protection of a preferred presidential candidate.

The lawsuit also details how the Daily Beast described Hunter Bidens laptop information as purloined.” It says that the FBI is investigating the purloined laptop materials from Joe Bidens son.In other words, that story indicates that the laptop was taken dishonestly or stolen. Isaac obviously takes issue with the idea that he stole the computer and he believes that impacted his business reputation. 

Isaac said that other media outlets like Twitter called him out for hacking the information. He said that he was bombarded with hate mail and death threats because people believed that he was a criminal. 

The repair shop owner ultimately had to close his store in Delaware after people were throwing eggs and excrement at the store. He moved to Colorado for a year just to get away from all the angry backlash. 

Brian Della Rocca is Isaacs lawyer. He said they are seeking at least $1 million in compensatory damages. The punitive damages number will be a lot higher, which will be determined at the trial. 

The lawsuit is also aimed at Politico for an article they published that indicated there was a letter signed by 51 former intelligence veterans who wrote that the laptop, has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.The title of the article from Politico was Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.

The lawsuit spotlights the author of that article and says that Natasha Bertrand has a history of taking speculation and turning it into fact.

It will be interesting to watch Schiff shift in his seat.