Controversial Photo Makes Pennsylvania Voters Question Which Fetterman is Actually Senator

John Fetterman suffered a stroke. This isn’t really news at this point. However, what is news is that his wife has been by his side – often speaking to the press on his behalf. If you’re getting flashes of how Jill Biden has to interpret for Joe, you should.

Now, as the senator-elect headed to DC for his “first day,” there’s quite the question about who is really the senator.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, the senator’s wife, posted a photo on Twitter where she and John were standing side by side next to his office plaque. There’s just one problem. He’s halfway cropped out of the photo, and she’s centered in the frame.

Is this to say that she’s going to be running more of the day-to-day than he is? He probably doesn’t even know where he is – and his photo looks as though he’s trying to smile but can’t quite get there.

There’s also something to be said about decorum. Senators are expected to maintain a certain amount of professionalism – and so should their family members.

Fetterman finally ditched the hoodie, but he’s standing there in a suit that looks like the tie was tied by a toddler. As for Mrs. Fetterman, a fringe dress and leather jacket are hardly professional.

When someone commented about the dress, she went on to say that it was thrifted for only $12. Wow. A $12 dress for the day that your husband is reporting to Congress for the first time?

Yet, what did we really expect from the duo?

The people of Pennsylvania actually voted for a man who just suffered a stroke and his trashy wife to take over the senator’s office. Or…did they?

Prior to Election Day, the polls had shown that Dr. Mehmet Oz had the lead. And yet, people chose to vote blue no matter who because they were scared to make a change. And it has resulted in a stroke victim who can’t speak in coherent sentences in the Senate.

Why should we expect any different, though? If people voted for an old senile president, why not vote for a medically impaired thug?

As for the photo posted by Mrs. Fetterman, many people on Twitter had a field day. Some even went the extra little bit to complete the cropping. It was possible to remove Fetterman entirely so that she could be next to the senator-elect sign.

Perhaps the crop was an accident. Or…is it something that happens quite often? If you guessed the latter, you’d be right. A few people have shared photos where her husband is repeatedly cropped – including a “DC date night” where his entire head doesn’t even get into the photo.

David Reaboi tweeted, “I’ve never seen passive aggressive/contemptuous photo crops like this before.”

He’s right, though, we would have expected such things out of Hillary Clinton regarding Bill Clinton if Twitter had existed when Bill was serving his presidential terms.

Does this mean that we have to worry about Gisele Fetterman running for public office? Becoming a power-hungry politician’s wife? Yes, and most definitely, yes.

Hopefully, John Fetterman, the one that the people of Pennsylvania actually elected, will have recovered from his stroke enough by January. Otherwise, who will be processing his auditory for him? That remains unseen.

No wonder Ted Cruz is so pissed off about losing Pennsylvania and a few other Senate seats across the country.