Conservative Protestors Turn out in Michigan Against Big-Box Retailers ‘Cancelling’ My Pillow. It’s Communism Plain and Simple

Outspoken MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell catches an undue amount of static. Lindell is conservative to the core and is on the exact same page and paragraph as former President Donald Trump. As a result, every liberal-minded social media site and news outlet has stuffed rags in his mouth. A man with such logic and insight has no business telling the truth via their mediums.

Due only to Lindell’s political views, and having nothing to do with his product, more than one large retailer has dumped their MyPillow inventory. Claiming a significant decrease in the sale of his product, Kohl’s has now joined the list.

Conservative patriots in Lake Orion, Michigan have had enough of the nonsense and circled their wagons in Lindell’s defense. But the Kohl’s scenario is merely the final straw that broke the back of free speech in America, and these folks are standing rock solid in their fight to restore it. A decrease in sales…sure thing…

Collectively, 20 retailers have discontinued the sale of MyPillow, inclusive of Kroger, Wayfair, and Bed Bath & Beyond. “I lost 20 retailers, and it’s cost me $65 million this year that I won’t get back,” Lindell said in a recent interview. He said it’s only because of his decision to prove the truth about election fraud in America that these retailers cut ties with him. Dominion went as far as to say how Lindell was only using his political voice to sell more pillows, but considering how much money he’s been willing to lose, we call bunk on that theory.

Protestors outside of Kohl’s Lake Orion store were there in defiance of big-box retailers using their powers to silence their political foes. Here is the first portion of a letter that was handed out to passersby and to those attempting to enter the store.

“Did you know that the KOHL’S COMPANY has YANKED entrepreneur Mike Lindell’s My Pillow from its inventory because of his political views? If you’re wondering how this can happen in an America founded on free speech, read on…

What’s called “CANCEL CULTURE” has swept the country on social media for years. Now we’re seeing the same vindictive tactics from Big Tech and even Disney, Kroger, and other Fortune 500 firms. Regardless of what you think of Mike Lindell’s support of Donald Trump or election integrity, popular American corporations like Kohl’s should NOT join the fanatical cancel culture or give in to their un-American demands.”

The letter went on to state how Kohl’s currently does $200 billion in annual business with communist China, yet they’re okay with kicking an American patriot to the curb because they don’t see eye-to-eye with the guy.

More than likely several email boxes at Kohl’s headquarters are receiving tsunami’s of mail. The letter encouraged its readers to express their views on the matter by writing to CEO Michelle Gass, Doug Howe, and Jill Timm at [email protected][email protected][email protected] 

The letter ended by saying “Feel free to borrow from the above text. And get your family and friends involved too!” This was an unnecessary statement considering the story has now been picked up nationally, and rest assured, the higher-ups at Kohl’s are not having a grand old time.

According to the group of protestors, the battle has only begun and they aren’t about to back down. Their hope is to turn their cry into a national movement, which they have probably just achieved.

Our nation is headed down a dangerous road with our current administration turning a blind eye to retailers, news outlets, and social media sites, using bullying tactics for political gain. But think about it. Why would Biden intercede? These are his liberal buddies and they’re doing him a huge favor. If anything anywhere goes against what’s being preached from the White House, no big deal, they’ll simply cancel it. Problem solved.

But is the problem really being solved or is a bigger one being created? We’re pretty certain we know the answer, but we’d like to hear it from you.

One more thing. MyPillow began with five employees and now has 1,500 onboard. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now. Would you?