China Has Made Its Move To Dictate American International Policy


For a long time, the Chinese government has lustfully desired to annex Taiwan to their homeland. The tiny island is home to an American military base that provides them a launching point into the eastern world. The Chinese know that such a base is detrimental to their plans of dominating the region. The communist leaders know that they need to expel America from the region, and annexing Taiwan is the only way they can do it.

Joe Biden is also a weak president, which gives the Chinese the upper hand in making demands. Biden will never confront the Chinese with force because they own his private loans. And the weak president has already proven that he will not intervene in military action against an ally because the old man does not know how to wage good warfare.

The Chinese have become so bold that they are now dictating policy within the United States. Antony Blinken is the Secretary of State. The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told him that any action in the region should not include Taiwan since China already considers itself to have annexed the country.

The red giant has dictated America’s strategy in the Indo-Pacific region. The United States wants to have a presence in the region. And Biden has committed resources to make that concept a reality. But now, he is being told by the Chinese that he cannot use the nation of Taiwan that houses a military installation that is American run to make western presence known in that part of the world.

China needs the United States to back out and let them take whatever they want from the nations around them. But left unchecked, the Chinese will use its military might to invade and take over every smaller nation around its borders. American allies are fearful because they know that Biden will bow to the demands of China as he has already done in the recent past.

Biden has claimed that he will work with others in the Indo-Pacific region to establish a more secure area. The Chinese agree with that plan, except that Biden cannot use Taiwan to make it happen.

The water passageway between China and Taiwan is a hotbed between the two nations. It is highly traveled by ships. And the United States wants to secure the passageway by having a protective presence there. But China does not want Taiwan to be part of the plan because the Chinese are the root of the problem.

Wang flat out told Antony Blinken that any plans to include the island are telling the Chinese that America is preparing for war. China wants a conflict to move its troops into place and take the island by force. But they do not want to be the ones to start the conflict. They need it to be someone else to justify making the move of capturing the island and kicking the United States out of the Indo-Pacific region for good.

The people living in that part of the world want peace and safety. They do not have their lives ravaged by war like when World War II broke out. But the actions coming from the Chinese dictate that war is coming. Taiwan has already gone to a state of preparedness ever since the Chinese have been flying into their airspace and testing their resolve.

The nation of China is ready for war and is looking for a way to get it started. Joe Biden has a hard choice of standing with the allies or turning his back on them. His track record to date clearly shows that he is more apt to turn his back on friends and allies and embrace the side of those that want to start a war.

Joe Biden has already proven that he will back down when enemies push back. He is not the one that should lead the country in a time of war. The country needs a solid Republican president willing to stand for freedom and support the country that he leads.