Chicago Mayor Blatantly Bribing Chicago Residents To Get the Jab

Lonnie H. Chambers Jr/

Since the innovation of the COVID vaccine, many of us have been reminded of the old saying ‘If they have to beg you, bribe you, threaten you, or order you to do something it probably is not in your best interests to do it.’ As many Governors and other leaders have proven, they are willing to do all of that and more to get you to take the jab.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants people to get out there and get vaccinated by any means necessary. This includes at-home vaccinations and the offer of cash. Via Twitter this past week Mayor Lightfoot posed with a message written in money with the caption reading “The message is clear. Get vaccinated from the comfort of your home and this stack could be yours.” That ‘stack’ contains a life-changing $826 (insert eye roll).

Given all the veiled threats, now empty promises, and other poor excuses they have given to try and make people get vaccinated, they are starting to resort to bribery. While they have bribed people before in other jurisdictions, they were mocked for those bribes, and they were well above the $826 price tag Mayor Lightfoot decided on.

As soon as the Mayor took part in the photo shoot, and it hit the press the responses criticizing her for this decision came flying out from random users. One stated “Somebody thought this was a good idea. Then, other people thought it was too. Then they actually did it. Then they looked at their product and again thought this was a great idea. Then they published it. This right here is an obvious case of group think right?”

This question is a fair one to ask. Photos and campaigns like this need multiple levels of approvals to get made and published, and somehow this got the nod. People at multiple levels thought not only is at-home vaccinations, a lottery to incentivize people, and the Mayor endorsing it are all good ideas. To call this incompetence is to insult many incompetent people who came before them. This is just a horribly dumb idea. Then again, she is a Democrat. Should any of us be surprised?

Harvard University tends to be one of the liberal colleges that agrees with her program as they have seen an uptick in vaccines from them. “However, states are tasked with designing and implementing incentive program structures that effectively target their respective vaccine hesitant populations—considering variations in incentive types and amounts (monetary vs. non-monetary), targeted populations (adolescent vs. elder population; patient vs. provider), and length of reward programs. Lastly, states’ incentive reward programs may be limited by ethical considerations of coercion and constraints of specific funding sources.”

While Harvard may consider this to be a good idea to get those who often resist the vaccine, Mayor Lightfoot is hard to believe. She’s one of the same people who think more gun control will somehow prevent criminals from obtaining guns and using them. Needless to say, the levels of her logic and intelligence are subject to heavy scrutiny. She also isn’t really reaching the people who are not taking this vaccination. She is reaching those who are easily manipulated.

Let’s face facts here. $826 is not a lot of money. The people who have been resisting it for this long are not going to cave for such a small bribe, or for much more either. Getting most of these people to violate their principles takes a lot more than some pocket change, simply because this has been a thing for some time. It’s just the involvement of Mayor Lightfoot that is brand new to the tactic. The more the left keeps pushing these ideas and giveaways the more the American people are resisting. It’s as if they are figuring out just how horrifically manipulative the left is.