Canadian Prime Minister Abuses Power and Now Must Answer for It

Art Babych/

The people living in Canada are sick and tired of being treated like children due to the COVID-19 restrictions that they are forced to live under. So many people are tired of being told to stay home and mask up that thousands of truckers barricaded the entrances into the country to stop travel in and out of Canada until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the lockdowns and let things return to normal.

Trudeau had a choice to make, and it seemed like an easy option. But as every good socialist knows, power cannot be given back once it has been taken away. The evil prime minister chose to attack the protestors instead of lifting the restrictions. He chose a path of violence over a path of peace when he enacted the Emergencies Act. This gives him marshall law emergency powers.

The issue with the Emergencies Act is that it can only be used when a coup is about to take place. Protestors keeping roadways tied up hardly qualifies as a coup or a threat. Trudeau has crossed a line that he should have never crossed, and now he is facing a lawsuit brought on by Jason Kenney, the Premier of Alberta.

Kenney is seeking to suspend Trudeau’s ability to enforce the Emergencies Act. The Freedom Convoy is nothing more than a protest and not an army seeking topple the government. It has created an issue with travel, but that was the purpose of the convoy. These people wanted to get their point across that their lives are being destroyed because of the pandemic lockdowns still in place.

Kenney stated that “The situation in Ottawa is serious. Law and order have to be restored. But the Emergencies Act was designed to come into effect at the failure of the state. And the protestors certainly do not qualify as a force seeking to topple the current government. Trudeau just wanted a reason to snatch up more power so he could be seen as a dictator in the eyes of his liberal friends. However, there is no insurrection or coup.”

Kenney pointed out the local police can already remove vehicles and drivers parked in places they are not supposed to be parked. Progress was made when the local police ended the blockade on the Ambassador Bridge and other crossings. There was no need for the evil Trudeau to call on the Emergencies Act to save the country. It was a simple matter that he should have let local authorities handle.

Trudeau first tried to seize financial accounts and donations being made to the convoy. The man could only take such action when terrorism was present. But the communist ruler hates the fact that he is facing opposition to his COVID measures, so he sees them as a threat and wants to deal a fatal blow to them all. He cannot fathom that anyone would not want what he is trying to set up in Canada.

The Daily Wire had reported that “the RCMP has additionally ordered freezes on transactions from 34 cryptocurrency wallets connected to the demonstrations, as well as the GoFundMe and GiveSendGo fundraisers created to support the Freedom Convoy. If Trudeau and his allies were allowed to continue using their Emergencies Act powers to crack down on political dissent, ‘it sets a very dangerous precedent,’ Kenney said.”

Canada is the perfect picture of what Joe Biden seeks to do in America. He wants the ability to issue threats and take steps to silence those that oppose his decisions permanently. But for Biden to get where Trudeau currently sits, he will have to take drastic steps to strip away constitutional freedoms that men and women have died for over hundreds of years.

Trudeau wanted to escalate things with the Freedom Convoy. He wanted them to respond violently so he could justify the Emergencies Act. But the issue he is facing is that no one did anything violent. The first acts of aggression came when Trudeau tried to raid the truckers and force them to leave.