BLM Apologizes for Fraudulently Buying $6 Million House

Franck Boston/

Black Lives Matter (BLM). A leftist group put together to try and make right past racial injustices. It has transformed into a group to cry about racial problems based on the mindset that every black person is a victim, and no matter what had happened they could not have done anything wrong if white people were involved. It was all automatically happening because of racism. It could be a racist cop, the other person involved was racist, or they were just a product of a racist system.

BLM was never intended to become what it has. The original leaders just wanted a voice. They wanted to be heard. To say that their life matters as much as a white person’s and that they should be treated better. Given the preponderance of videos that have surfaced as a result of people filming police interactions more and more frequently, it would seem as if they are correct. Yet the evidence shows that more white people are killed by police than blacks. The argument of percentages is where BLM has been able to turn things in their favor.

This favor along with high profile deaths of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Laquan McDonald put BLM into the spotlight. Their message meant funds started pouring in to keep protestors out of jail, to buy protest supplies, and to keep organizers taken care of. Then the vultures swooped in and changed the narrative. They wanted more money and started finding ways to slide money aside for luxury items.

Patrisse Khan-Cullors was one of the “founders” and last year claimed that she was being harassed by conservatives over her purchase of multiple homes in California, including a $6 million house that was immediately transferred to a group based in Delaware; thus, concealing its true owner. She has also left the group as a result; no doubt just after the ink was dry on that transfer.

This group of fraudsters have done everything they can to try and keep people from discovering the truth about where their donations went. Some went to support local chapters; some went to provide bail money and protest supplies. A rather large chunk was spent on buying homes and other high-end items for leadership under the claims of them being for the BLM cause.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) board member Shalomyah Bowers talked about the purchase of the $6 million house. How it will “serve as housing and studio space for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship.” The following day BLMGNF announced that they had established a fellowship that “provides recording resources and dedicated space for Black creatives to launch content online and in real life focused on abolition, healing justice, urban agriculture and food justice, pop culture, activism, and politics.”

While no formal investigations have been launched or official accusations have been levied against the group, many see this as nothing more than a shell game with the people who have donated to BLM in good faith being the ultimate losers by not getting what they paid for. It has also raised a lot of eyebrows along the way as many wonder if those funds could have been better utilized. Certainly, a house of this magnitude would not be very useful in LA to help impact black lives in South Carolina for example.

Jacob Harold is a former CEO of GuideStar and co-founder of Candid, the reporting service for nonprofits. He recently sat down with New Yorker to discuss BLM and their funding allegations or critiques. “That’s a very legitimate critique. It’s not a critique that says what you’re doing is illegal or even unethical; it might just be unstrategic. Why aren’t you spending it on policy or, you know, other strategies that an organization might take to address the core issues around Black Lives Matter?”