Biden’s In for a Rough 2023…Can He Survive What Rep. Lawmakers Have in Store?


House Republicans have been somewhat tolerant of their bloodthirsty Democrat constituents kneeling on their necks, but let’s see what happens when the tide changes. While the battered Republicans may appear to be projecting an aura of complacency, don’t be fooled by the false illusion. With itchy trigger fingers, they’ve been quietly loading their squirrel guns with enough incriminating ammo to bag themselves a Biden, the rarest of all delusional creatures.

The GOP is slated to take control of the chamber in 2023 and the incoming committee chairs aren’t letting any grass grow. They’ve compiled an extensive list of presidential oversight breaches, including forming a blowhard committee of Dems to dig beyond the grave of the Jan. 6 festivities.

The goal is to pitch enough Molotov cocktails in 2023 to have the entire Biden administration limping into 2024 on a wing and a prayer. Each one has been individually labeled with things like “Hunter Biden,” “Botched Afghanistan Withdrawl,” “Ignored Border Crises,” and “Inflation,” among a cattle-car load of others. Some will simply say, “Just Because.”

The Republican lawmakers are in the process of divvying up who gets to investigate what, and they all want a chunk of the action. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is feeling the love from the hopefuls saying “pick me.”

With unbridled enthusiasm, Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.), said, “I’ve been really impressed with leadership — both from [Rep.] Jim [Jordan], from [Rep.] Jamie Comer, from Kevin’s office — [sic] in already starting to talk about that.” Armstrong was referring to the course of actions already set in motion.

The right-sided lawmakers will be zooming in on the reality of life under a divided government. Until Democrats are willing to shake hands in solidarity the nation will continue its greased pig downhill spiral and little to none of their prioritized legislation will ever see the light of day. Unless of course…their campaign is successful enough to snag the White House and the Senate. Then it’ll be a different ballgame with a spanking new set of rules.

If Republicans can pull off flipping the chamber it would promote Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), to a majority leader. “I think it’s really going to be focused on holding the Biden administration accountable and getting answers. … It is going to be a lot of intense oversight,” he said in a recent interview.

After being sidelined as the House minority for four years, Republicans have a sprawling list of tasks they couldn’t get done. GOP lawmakers already know the real challenge is going to be in blowing the chaff off the grain that Biden left to rot. His inactions have caused more damage than his actions, but only because his actions have been few.

Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas), gave his perspective on how he and his fellow Republicans will find things to investigate. “It’s not something where we’re having to drum up, ‘OK, what are we going to do?’ It’s more of a limiting factor of, we only have 50 weeks a year,” he only half-jokingly said.

Should Republicans secure the majority like it’s anticipated they will, Kentucky Republican Jamie Comer, who has a score or two of his own to settle, will become the panel’s head henchman. Needless to say, Comer is already hitting the midnight oil in anticipation of bursting full trod out of the starting gate in January. 

The gears are in motion and the plan is being set. Now. All that’ll be left for us to do will be to take a load off and watch the fall of the Biden Empire that never was.