Biden Has a Plan To Cut Gas Prices, and It Makes As Much Sense As His Speeches

mark reinstein/

With mere weeks left before the midterm elections, President. Biden is doing everything he can think of to have a shot at retaining a lead in the House or Senate. From hollow statements about undoing past federal marijuana charges to talking about changing its classification, he wants cheap headlines with no actual changes for the American people. This is the kind of stuff his old boss Obama specialized in.

Now he has set his weak sights on cutting down gas prices, and it’s so moronic, it makes his normal public statements make sense. The big difference is, this idea is written with some semblance of grammatical sense. Then again, it’s also reported by Bloomberg, and it wasn’t delivered by Biden directly.

“White House officials have asked the US Energy Department to analyze the possible impacts of a ban on exports of gasoline, diesel and other refined petroleum products, an indication that the controversial idea is gaining traction in some parts of the Biden administration.”

Let that idea just marinade for a moment.

This moron is trying to blast through US strategic reserves, just to offset OPEC’s efforts to send oil costs skyrocketing. On top of that now he wants to try and order around producers of oil and gas, only to tell them they cannot export their goods. This isn’t his first time teasing the idea, but it’s the first time it’s been leaked out following statements on oil that would give him a reason to talk this way.

For years now the American people have wondered just how badly the Presidential brain was suffering in the White House, and at this point, it must be assumed that he truly is not all there or even a majority there. His recent gaffs at trying to get things done, and horrible directions for this country and the globe are going to catch up to the nation. Given the situation with Russia, China, and North Korea, he could very well be sending us right into the meat grinder.

Since the news was leaked, the oil companies have had a bit to say on the subject too. They have already penned a letter in response to his inconceivable concept. “Banning or limiting the export of refined products would likely decrease inventory levels, reduce domestic refining capacity, put upward pressure on consumer fuel prices, and alienate U.S. allies during a time of war.”

These oil execs are completely right. His idea won’t have anything like the effect he wants it to have. This is economics 101, and any American of voting age should be thoroughly abhorred at the idea of doing this, and even more disgusted that someone like this is in charge.

If the US stops exporting oil the price across the globe rises. US oil producers aren’t going to able to take advantage of that open market pricing, so they’ll have to raise American prices. So not only does America get the bone, but so does the rest of the globe. An effect like that won’t make OPEC happy enough to encourage them to drop prices, if anything it will encourage them to keep their prices sky-high.

Following that, should the US oil producers start selling across the globe again, the prices won’t come down immediately. If anything, they’ll quickly drop a small percentage and then stay stagnant for a bit. There won’t be any long-term relief from this move anywhere on the globe.

Biden could simply open drilling back up and encourage US oil manufacturers to make as much oil as they can. To flood the US and global market while effectively shutting OPEC out. Then, Biden can quit kissing the Saudi rings. Until that happens, oil and gas prices will only continue to skyrocket. Problem is, he’s not paying enough attention to see this writing on the wall. Somebody’s jingling keys at him right now.