Biden Apologizes After Being Silenced in Front of the Entire UN Climate Conference


When President Biden took office, every American realized they had elected a weak and easily manipulated person to the highest position in the American government.

People saw President Biden for what he is, and while anyone with common sense realized that America was screwed, those on the left fell in love. His easily manipulated demeanor, simple-minded actions, and easily confused mental state made him the perfect puppet for the left to put in office.

Now those chickens are coming home to roost, as President Biden is consistently humiliated on the global stage, and as such, the nation is looking weaker than ever.

On November 11th, that weakness was on full display at a UN climate change conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Taking the stage, Biden used the platform to brag about his dramatic crippling of the US economy, push the agenda of his “inflation reduction act” and that it was all about climate change, as well as repeatedly apologize for the independence that American citizens enjoy.

With this kind of agenda, his speech was tailored to the left exclusively, and whoever wrote it for him knew exactly what they were doing by setting him up with these talking points. It is incredibly shameful that he would get on stage in front of the UN and brag about lying to the American people, misrepresenting what the “inflation reduction act” really is, and especially for apologizing for American independence.

At one point, while tripping over his own words like a 5th grader during his first time speaking in front of the school or your drunk uncle making a toast at a wedding, President Biden apologized for the US walking away from an unfair climate deal.

“We immediately rejoined the Paris Agreement. We convened major climate summits and reestablished, I apologize we ever pulled out of the agreement.” Never mind that this pact was crippling American innovation, technology, and manufacturing while allowing other countries with little to no pollution laws to flourish.

He also touted the US’s progress in energy and vowed to help other countries get to where the US is.

“Our investments in technology, from electric batteries to hydrogen, are going to spark a cycle of innovation that will reduce the cost and improve the performance of clean-energy technology that will be available to nations worldwide, not just the United States. We’re going to help make the transition to a low-carbon future more affordable for everyone.”

This kind of groveling and lying to the UN is laughable at best. But, quite honestly, it makes the US look weak. The innovation is there, but it is not ready to be used globally.

In the case of electric batteries, we have had numerous fires here in the US that needs to be extinguished with special chemicals. These fires often re-ignite and are incredibly difficult to extinguish. That wouldn’t work anywhere in Sudan, remote Australia, or even in the rural parts of the US.

Topping it all off were the protestors who made loud animal and other noises while Biden talked, stood up with their banners for climate attention for their nations, and got Biden to apologize for being silenced so they could make their case in animal noises.

Never actually acknowledging the noises or the distraction, he apologized, and then once his brain rebooted, he kept going.

President Biden has made the US look weak on every stage he has stepped on since taking office, in every public address he has made, and he will continue to do so as time ticks on. This man is not capable of free thinking on his own or making the US a better place to be.

We better hope they can impeach him quickly, or the next two years are going to be a raging dumpster fire that will probably violate his Paris climate accord.