Ben & Jerry’s is the Next Bud Light, Apparently

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Bud Light thought that they could decorate their beer bottles with rainbows and have a transgender spokesperson promote their watered-down goods. The people spoke – and Bud Light experienced a massive loss of sales while they figured out how to get out of their liberal marketing mess.

Most brands have learned from the beer company. Don’t go too liberal.

Ben & Jerry’s clearly didn’t get the memo.

The ice cream company has been identified as antisemitic in the past. However, they decided that on the 4th of July, they would attack the entirety of the US for stealing land from the Indians and demanding that it be returned – starting with Mount Rushmore.

Not long after they made their statement, it was discovered that their Vermont headquarters is likely occupying land that was stolen from the Abenaki Indians.

It’s some of the most incredible hypocrisy ever.

And that’s what is leading to countless people asking for a boycott of the ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s may want to think about shifting their headquarters before they call for all of the land to be returned. And they should have a few other ideas lined up, too.

It’s also come out that the company is backed by a bunch of colonialists. Left-wing customers don’t care about those sorts of things.

So, you may have to put down your Phish Food or your Cherry Garcia and join the fight.

Companies need to learn that identity politics are taking things too far. Ben & Jerry’s may need to face some real backlash so that they get the message. Perhaps if their sales tank just like Anheuser Busch’s did, they’ll realize that going woke isn’t all it cracked up to be.