As Biden Gets Ready To Give Iran a New Nuclear Deal, Iran Sets Their Sights on Mexico for a Base of Operations


For the better part of the last 50 years, the US and Iran have been at odds over how Iran should be run and how their people should be treated. Most of that time has also been spent opposing any attempts to advance their military technology into creating a nuclear bomb. According to Geopolitical expert Brandon J Weichert, the latest nuclear deal is being built to keep Iran happy, and not to assert American dominance.

Weichert went on to infer that Iran is taking advantage of Biden. “The Biden Administration thinks Iran ultimately just wants their slice of the Middle East. But, Iran is not committed to upholding the norms of an American-led world order. Why would Iran call the US the ‘Great Satan’ when the regime’s raison d’être has been anti-Americanism? The idea that the US and Iran will be friends [if an agreement is reached] is insanity… If the US is not careful, the enemy will be literally at our gates.”

He went on to explain how Iran has been eyeing up Venezuela as a potential launching point for moving in on the southern US border. Given the distaste for America by both nations, it would be a good match. While there, they could continue on their previous missions of selling cocaine to fund these projects. Moving operations further north to Mexico would be the next step.

Unconventional tactics like these would be something completely expected from Iran in the Middle East, so for them to do it here would make complete sense. Mexico is the country that makes the most sense. With a great geopolitical location and a cartel network that is more than happy to work with them as they frequently need weapons and protection logistics, the relationship between Tehran and a larger cartel is nearly certain.

This kind of setup also makes a “terrorism by correspondence” mission more likely.

By staging people in Mexico for their main bases of operations, the Iranians would end up engrained with the cartel network. Currently s it sits, there has been more evidence of the Mexican cartels being entrenched along the border, ready for a full firefight with the Mexican authorities they couldn’t bribe, and US officials should they reach over the border. This vantage ensures the shipments out of Mexican keep coming.

Adding in a few Iranians with every shipment of humans across the border would be a risky operation, but it would get the cartel the global connection they need to truly flood the streets with their crops. It also means sneaking weapons over in parts. Nothing to weigh them down too much but given the current openings, if they time it just right, they could get some huge components through easily.

Back in 2011, they tried to kill an ex-Saudi ambassador to the US while at a highly popular café in DC. This attempt failed, and the would-be assassin was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Many US officials counted him as a sign that the lions are at the gate, and now the US needs to move very carefully.

Should Iran go through with this plan to start basing operations in Mexico, it will be playing a dangerous game. As much as the cartel will love having their connections and ability to get business done on a more global scale, they also have no issue cutting a connection and burning a bridge to get their point across. Down there life is already cheap, and it’s even cheaper when in bed with the cartel. Meanwhile, Biden is happy to keep the border incredibly porous. Thankfully those governors aren’t.