Another Brick in the Obama Wall of Silence Falls, Personal Chef at the White House Dies in Boating Accident

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Former President Barack Obama built himself a wall of silence around the White House as he and Joe Biden did their best to railroad this country into the ground. From his wild daughters to his questionable wife, the man had no choice but to insulate himself. This meant taking people with him when he left.

One of those people was 45-year-old Tafari Campbell from Dumfries, Virginia. Starting as a sous chef at the White House, the family claims they got to know him, and took him with them when they left. Building that kind of trust gave him access to their Martha’s Vineyard, MA home, even when they weren’t home. Reportedly though, they were on the island.

Sunday, July 23rd, saw Campbell out paddleboarding, and a fellow paddleboarder called in a report of a man who “struggled on the surface, went under, and didn’t surface.” Unable to successfully locate him, they called the search off late that evening. On The 24th, they resumed their search. Through sonar detection, a body was found roughly 100 ft from shore in about 8 ft of water.

Survived by a wife and two boys, numerous reports about Campbell have already emerged. The man was a common fixture in the water and knew what he was doing. While he reportedly was not wearing a life vest, too many things don’t add up. The area he drowned in was only 8 ft deep. The man had a paddleboard and oar, both of which are designed to help keep a man up to 300 lbs buoyant. This man was certainly well under that number.

Given his height, physical condition, and his role in providing for the health and welfare would have necessitated him keep up with his own. Looking into his Instagram, he was an avid golfer, swam regularly, and was healthy as could be. This kind of struggle in just 8 feet of water makes no sense.

What does make sense, though, is the Obama family taking out yet another brick from their wall of silence. Given his closeness to the former first family, it’s not unreasonable to expect that he knew far too much simply for being in the wrong room or the wrong conversation. Since the Obama administration was in its second year of presidency, people have disappeared. Some suddenly left for other well-connected positions far away. Others were assigned to be diplomats in foreign countries many aren’t familiar with.

Yet not everyone was so lucky. Some simply left this earth.

Despite numerous cases proving it, the mainstream media has refused to look into the connections and what they all might know. Joe Biden was one of the bricks, and now he’s the president. His son Hunter benefitted from this for years and still is now. He was also close to the Obama family, especially the daughters. Yet as he brings in for the collective through Joe, he’s been allowed to remain.

This whole organization is tied together and heavily involved in doing everything it can to ensure the other continues to benefit from it. Now another man is in the morgue, his cause of death incredibly suspicious, and the “investigation” will be minimal at best.

For their part in his death, various members of the Obama family have commented on his death and offered condolences. They have stopped short of taking blame or even discussing whose paddleboard it might have been or who might have been joining him.

Given the level of secret service that the Obama family still has, it makes no sense for this man to have been on the water alone and unprotected. Combine that with the way he died and how shallow the water was for an experienced swimmer, and something is fishy, and it’s not the ceviche.