German Doctor Sentenced to Years in Prison for Writing Patients COVID Shot Exemptions

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COVID tyranny has largely abated here in the United States, but that’s not true in other countries. Most of our leaders would like everyone to forget that the pandemic brought out their inner Hitler. In Germany, they want the people to know that the spirit of Hitler is alive and well. A 67-year-old doctor has just been sentenced to nearly three years in prison because she wrote “fake” vaccine exemptions for her patients.

Unlike most medical professionals, Dr. Bianca Witzschel was not a gullible idiot when it came to the mRNA COVID shots. She suspected that the untested technology was dangerous, and it would have violated her conscience to inject people with it. Prosecutors say that between 2021 and 2022, Dr. Witzschel wrote mask and vaccine exemptions for 1,003 people across Germany.

Not all heroes wear capes!

The court completely ignored factual evidence that the so-called vaccines have killed and injured millions of people around the world. Instead, it treated the 67-year-old woman as if she was one of the most dangerous criminals imaginable.

Dr. Witzshel was taken into custody and has been held in jail since February of 2023—more than a year ago! Her trial didn’t start until November and just wrapped up last week. She also didn’t receive a trial in a normal public courtroom. They put her on trial in the high-security wing of the Dresden prison in Hamburg, which is usually reserved for the most dangerous murderers.

The 67-year-old doctor was sentenced to an additional two years and eight months in prison and her medical license will be suspended for three years after she gets out. She’s also been ordered to pay a fine of €47,000. No wonder so many doctors in Europe were afraid to stand up to the COVID tyrants. This is how they treat a medical professional who was trying to save her patients from a dangerous and experimental treatment they didn’t want.