Abortion Supporting States at Risk of Losing HHS Funding Based on Their Push To Fund Abortions


There is no end to the corruption and attempts by the Democrats to do illegal things. The Supreme Court’s action of overturning the Roe vs. Wade case sent the messed-up liberals into an all-out panic. They think they have lost the best benefit known to humanity which was having a legal option of exterminating a child’s life so the parent would not have to change their lifestyle.

The overturning of the case was not what the liberals thought it was about. The Supreme Court did not ban abortions. All they did was return the issue to people to figure out. States that Democrats run are still going to allow the practice to continue, while red states will ban the practice on varying levels. But it will be up to the voters to decide.

Abortion-supporting states such as Colorado, New York, and California started using funds from the Department of Health and Human Services and using them to assist people seeking an abortion. They were essentially taking federal funds and using them to pay for abortions.

After Roe vs. Wade was throughout the window, these states increased funding for abortion clinics. Other blue states such as Connecticut and New Jersey refuse to let their law enforcement offices cooperate with states that prohibit abortion when they seek information on abortion issues. The liberals are separating themselves from the rest of the nation because they want the ability to murder legally and not have to pay for it.

But the Republican Party has caught onto what the Democrats are trying to do behind the scenes. And they are introducing legislation that makes it illegal for any state to use funds from the Department of Health and Human Services for abortion funding.

The deceptive act by the Democrats is a trademark of the party. They love to find ways around the law so they can engage in illegal deeds. But when the law favors their belief system, they quickly force everyone to obey or face the consequences of the law.

Doug Lamborn from Colorado is the Republican leading the fight to save lives. The Daily Caller reported that his bill, the Preventing Abortion Sanctuaries Act, “targets blue states that create abortion access funds to transport abortion seekers from states where the procedure is outlawed. The legislation defines an abortion sanctuary as a state that ‘establishes a fund or commission (or similar entity) to provide direct financial and logistical support to individuals traveling to such State to receive an abortion’ or ‘has in effect laws that prohibit the enforcement of a law of another State that authorizes a person to bring a civil action against a person or entity that performs, receives, or ‘aids and abets’ an abortion.”

Liberals are familiar with the concept of sanctuary environments. They set up sanctuary cities when former President Donald Trump empowered law enforcement to track down and remove illegals hiding in the major cities. Law enforcement was prohibited from obtaining information about the people they were looking for. And local law offices were barred from assisting federal agents.

President Joe Biden and his administration are losing the war on America they started when he stepped into office. Liberals all over the country praised the day they took control of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch because they thought they would have full power to institute their nasty business.

But they failed to anticipate the will of the people. They forgot that they are supposed to represent the people and serve the population. Instead, they took their newfound power and tried to selfishly use it to change America into a dictatorship with Biden at the wheel.

Former President Donald Trump knew full well what he was doing when he set out to balance the court system in America. The Democrats had an advantage with their liberal judges for years. But Trump fixed the problem. And now, the judicial system is one of the things that is blocking Biden from running away with the country.