LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Threatens To Drive “Non-Essential” Businesses Out By Doing This

(Tea Party 247) – There is nothing quite like watching Democrat authoritarians flex all their wartime power as the nation works to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has threatened to shut off water and electricity to “non-essential” businesses if they disobey the city’s “stay at home” order to close during the pandemic.

Speaking at his daily briefing on Tuesday, Garcetti described his new enforcement initiative (from KTLA 5 as reported by Breitbart):

The mayor went on to announce the “business ambassadors program” — an effort to get nonessential businesses to close.

“This behavior is irresponsible and selfish,” he said of those that remain open.

He said the Department of Water and Power will shut off services for the businesses that don’t comply with the “safer at home” ordinance.

Neighborhood prosecutors will implement safety measures and will contact the businesses before issuing further action, according to Garcetti.

“The easiest way to avoid a visit is to follow the rules,” he said.

While many in the massive metro area have remained at home, some have still been venturing out to work.

Some retail stores are still operating, construction companies continue to do work on homes, and gardeners have still been tending yards and lawns.

Last week, Garcetti announced that the city would be moving several thousand homeless people into residential areas to try to protect them from the coronavirus.

Of course, they now seem more likely to catch the virus indoors as “social distancing” is difficult with so many people living communally, despite six-foot distances placed between beds.

Garcetti has also “impressed” upon city employees to work at the shelters and elsewhere as “Disaster Service Workers.”


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